Pantyhose/Tights that don't fit:(

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  1. Hey.. how come pantyhose and tights only come up to the hips now? I have older pairs of panyhose & tights that the waist band comes up as high as my ribs. Now when I buy tights or pantyhose they seem only to reach my hips. It's very ackward when wearing pantyhose under slacks and you feel the waist band falling down pass your butt. It seems to be a constant event hitting the rest rooms to yank my hose back up ..uggh!! Are there any pantyhose/tights out there that are still comfortable to wear that don't fall below your waist?
  2. All of my American Apparel/Urban Outfitters/Hue tights come up to my ribs...but I am short. Although I get smalls, so if you are taller and get larges they should come up that high too.
  3. My tights from Hue and American Apparel come up to my belly button and I'm 5ft10. Are you buying the correct size? I'm tall but thin, so I usually buy 1 size up to get into the right height range even though on the chart I'm no longer in the right weight range.