Pantyhose-do you or don't you?

  1. Here's my question to alll you ladies on the up and up. Do you wear pantyhose? Always? With what? I come from the era when we had garter belts and then moved on to pantyhose. I now live in a warmer climate and have noticed that pantyhose are worn less and less. I understand not wearing them when it's beastly hot as they are just too uncomfortable. But, would you wear them with a suit to work? What about a wedding or other social event? I am used to the smooth look they give but women (my sister)have told me they are not worn. This brings me to my next question. What do you wear with mules? Trouser socks seem to work if it's chilly and they match the shoe. Does anyone wear nude knee length hose with them? So, do you or don't you???
  2. :pI wear them to work...professional environment.....don't want any vpls.

    Outside of work...sometimes. Mainly sheer black or charcoal for a dressy ocassion.
  3. I just bought some black pantyhose and I like how it looks for fall. So I say DO!
  4. I usually wear stockings and garters if I wear hose at all. I prefer to keep my lady bits nice and airy kwim? In the winter I wear opaque tights for warmth. I hate hose and mules. Ugh. I wear knee hi's with trousers to work only.
  5. I wear nude knee hi's with my pumps for work (but I really hate how there's a band around my calf at the end of the day - I have tried Spanx and even Plus sizes!). I'll wear nude pantyhose with a skirt/dress during the spring and fall or whenever the weather is below 65 degrees or so. I love wearing black tights in the fall and winter. I used to love wearing sheer black hose with skirts, but I have turned away from that in recent years.
  6. It's a MUST for my work. But outside or work, I never wear them.
  7. No way. Haven't put on a pair of pantyhose in many years. Then again, I'm in Florida and a homemaker...what do I need to wear pantyhose for?!? lol
  8. In the winter I wear wool or opaque tights. Sometimes in the fall I wear beige fishnets, and in summer nothing. I'm still young enough so I can show my legs "naked". For me, stylewise, mules with hose is a no no... I don't mind it with slingbacks, though.
  9. Yuck! LOL These days I try to avoid wearing pantyhose at all cost. I am a SAHM and it's been years since my corporate days where I HAD to wear pantyhose. Makes me uncomfortable even thinking about wearing it!
  10. Never wear them here in San Francisco. But I work in a creative environment where it's not required. In the winter, I wear opaque tights with skirts.
  11. I think we may be from the same generation. Pantyhose, to me, were the greatest invention ever after the garter belts and whatnot.

    I do wear them to social events, usually even in warm weather, b/c I too like the smooth look. Also, they keep the insides of my shoes nicer (less rubbing and wear and tear). I really don't find them uncomfortable at all and I think they give your outfit a polished look.

    For slacks and jeans I do wear the sheer knee highs. I get the inexpensive ones from the drug store. Again, they keep my shoes and feet nice.
  12. I have a professional job and I never wear pantyhose. I only will wear opaque tights if it's cool enough. But I'm in New Orleans where it's always hot so maybe it's a regional thing. I didn't wear them in Florida either nor did most women I worked with.
  13. In the winter in NY yes, I do wear them but I stick to black, dark grey etc. I try to avoid nude colors but sometimes it's a must.
  14. I wear pantyhose to work and church and with formal dresses. I wear knee highs when I'm wearing heels with dress pants, because it looks weird for the tops of my feet to be bare when I'm all dressed up IMO. Plus, the hose/knee highs prevent blisters when I have to be in heels all day.

    I wear Calvin Klein pantyhose and I LOVE them. They're very light and silky, have no control top and match my skintone exactly. They aren't ugly or uncomfortable like a lot of pantyhose are. They actually look good :wlae:
  15. never for me.