Panty help! LOL!

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  1. Okay, so I've not seen anything posted regarding this so here goes.

    I'm petite (5'3", 110 lbs), I have a rear! Hane's Jockey for Her were the only panties I've found that fit fairly well because the front is low and the back is higher to accommodate the larger rear. The problem is when I bend over, you can see the top 1-2" of panty! So I finally changed to GAP bikini's, unfortunately, they no longer seem to carry the panties I like! The one's they now have are too low in the rear where they show rear cleavage. So of course I do not like thongs either.

    I tried the VS ones in both bikini and string bikini style, but again, they are too low on the rear and/or hike up the bottom portion. I don't like boy shorts because they don't feel supportive back there, lol! I've tried the Vanity Fair bikini's but they show rear cleavage as well!

    My perfect panty would be bikini style (1"-1 1/2" sides), low front but enough fabric in the rear so no cleavage but yet low enough to NOT show on low rise jeans/shorts. AND will hold the bottom rear area.

    Help!! Any other suggestions?
  2. Have you tried hanky panky? They have some real nice panties that are comfortable and maybe a brand you can look into. Not sure how it would fit you though as we have different shapes. But I have recommended it to friends who have all shape and sizes and they all love it. Good luck
  3. Try Soma...
  4. I'll try both, thanks ladies!