Pants to a wedding

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  1. For a number of reasons, I am not currently comfortable wearing a dress/skirt. I have a wedding in 7 weeks and will need to wear pants. I've never not worn a dress or skirt to a wedding or formal event and am at a bit of a loss. The first thought I have is dressy black pants (I know, boring lol) - does anyone have any advice about what I could wear?
  2. Maybe a dressy jumpsuit or a black jumpsuit but dress it up with the right accessories?

    How about a long evening dress? BCBG has some great ones
  3. may be skinny black dress pants with nice blouse, made out of silk satin or other dressy fabric, with high heeled sandals and glitzy jewelry? that would be what I would wear, i think, since I don't really like skirts that much
  4. I've seen some really chic women's tuxedos. Maybe wide leg pants with a silky/chiffon blouse, and some great pumps? I also like the idea of a black jumpsuit.
  5. what's your body type?

    i think monchromatic pantsuits are matronly. so i would wear black pants (the fit depends on your body type) and a silky top. glitzy accessories can dress up your outfit more.
  6. Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone!

    I think black pants and dressy silk top sounds like the best bet for me. Body type = curvy, 5'4" - I would look like a balloon in a jumpsuit lol
  7. ^^^ I agree. Pantsuits can be matronly or too business-like. The tux style pantsuit is very fashion-forward but I find that it only looks "right" on very stylish, young fashionistas with a certain edge and model-like builds. It CAN work, but on a select few. Most people, however, can do well-cut black pants and a sparkly strapless top or dressy camisole....which can be topped by a pretty wrap for warmth or coverage. Jewelry and great heels are a must.

    I love the idea of a dressy pants outfit for a wedding. :tup:
  8. I would also go for skinny ankle-length black pants with a silky top. The top can have a little more volume on it to balance out the bottom. This plus some heels would look super cute! I think wide-leg trousers could also look nice too, but I have a harder time thinking of outfits for those.
  9. Hale Bob makes some GORGEOUS tunics and tops, I would pair one of his creations with a sleek pair of black ankle pants, an amazing pair of heels, and get the wow factor by throwing in some great accessories, a cute 'do, and nice makeup.
  10. I wore some really nice dressy black pants and a nude colored lace top to a wedding before. Dress them up with a great pair of strappy sandals! ( I like YSL Tributes :biggrin: )