Pants/Jeans that don't Gap in Back - Where R They??

  1. I wear skirts to work almost all the time. My kids ask me why. The reason - because it's so hard to find pants that fit me.

    I wanted a pair of nice white jeans or pants this summer so badly, but haven't been able to find a pair anywhere to fit me.

    The closest I came was Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line. There are pants in this line which are higher waisted. I actually bought a pair of the jeans and the fit is fantastic (a little bit of stretch, nice dark denim). There's also a pair of high waisted, slim fit, stretch chinos. The fit is fantastic & I love the way they look on me, EXCEPT.....
    I can fit about three hands down the back of the pants!!!! Even the jeans, although it's not as bad as the chinos, gap out in the back. SJP said that women of all ages and sizes can wear her clothes, including the jeans, but that doesn't seem to be the case!

    I have this problem with almost every pair of pants I try on. I have a small waist compared to my hips, but it's not THAT small, that these pants should gap that much. Real women have curves. Why don't they make pants that curve like a real woman does? Even the Gap's "curved" denim and khaki's gap on me. And they're supposed to curve!! The only pair of pants that don't do this are my old pairs of jeans from the Limited - I'm talking jeans I bought 10-15 years ago!!! Not in style anymore, but why can't they cut pants like that but with a slightly lower waist?!?!

    Does anyone know where I can find pants and/or jeans that won't gap in the back?? Or must I have every pair of pants I like tailored to fit me?
  2. at gap, you may want to size down. the jeans stretch a lot, and it may help in cutting down the gap. their curvy jeans do work for most people.

    at banana, there's the contour pant, which is available in denim and trousers. they are cut similar to the gap curvy jean, so they're worth a whirl.

    good luck!
  3. When I bought my Paige Premium Denim jeans, the hanging tag attached to it claimed that it had a bonded waistband that eliminated such an unsightly gap. It actually doesn't gap, but the fabric right below that waistband is rumpled so I guess it's still basically the same problem. However, these jeans may work for you, so I would recommend checking them out.

    I'm not sure what your budget is, but I've also heard that the Honey style from Joe's jeans is perfect for curvier figures. Juicy Couture and J & Company jeans are two personal favorites that I find do not gap in the back as much.

    Tailoring it to fit in the waist is a relatively simple procedure, though, that should only cost you about $15 or so per pants, depending on the tailor. Just a fyi in case you do end up finding a pair of pants that you truly love but need to alter because of the dreaded gap.
  4. the answer, IMO, is with a good tailor.

    I have had a teensy small of back and curvy booty since puberty. Rarely if ever have any jeans or slacks not gapped in back, no matter how good of shape I'm in. It's worth it having a tailor nip in the back of your jeans or slacks....a HUGE difference, more than any belt can make, trust me!!
  5. I actually thought about a tailor with the Bitten pants. I absolutely love the way they look on me everywhere - and I thought that maybe a belt would help "cinch" the gap, but all it does it bunch up the fabric, leaving an unsightly bulge (even with a longer shirt). The pants are only $15, so I guess I wouldn't mind spending a little more in order to make them fit perfectly.

    Has anyone ever tried "Not your Daughter's Jeans"??
  6. I actually tried that, but they were too tight in the hips & thighs (I could barely pull them up).
  7. I have the same problem!! Slim waist, but curvy hips..
    I have so far found one pair of great jeans - Lee Norma. They are slim fit with stretch and they stay put. Need more pairs!!

    With other pants/jeans - I normally make two darts in the back. Don't need a tailor for that. It takes about 5 minutes if you have a sewing machine..
  8. You might want to try out

    It's a website that helps you select the brands of jeans (and bras) that best fit your body type. I don't know how well it works, not having tried its recommendations for me, but worth a shot! :smile:
  9. I'm a big fan of Not Your Daughter's Jeans, available at Nordstrom. These fit like a dream, and I have the same quibble with gapping waistbands which for me occurs with almost every "low rise" or "below the waist" cut in jeans or trousers, so I skip them entirely.
  10. I really like Christopher Blue denim. They are higher in the back and have a lot of stretch.

    If you find a pair you like, IMO, I would take it to the tailor. Taking the waist in is considered a simple alteration and will probably cost between $10-20. If you buy your jeans at places with alterations (i.e., Nordstrom) they will usually do this for free.