Pants & Jeans Stretching While Wearing

  1. I have this most annoying problem with all my pants and jeans. When I put them on fresh from the cleaners or the laundry, they fit perfectly, but after a couple of hours they get bigger and bigger in the seat and the waist and thighs.

    This phenomena is driving me crazy. I almost wonder if I shouldn't buy them a little small so they'll fit properly by noon.:nuts:
  2. since jeans with stretch in it aka. have a small percentage of polyester weaved in with cotton, they tend to stretch a little bit. the makers do this to make the pants a bit more comfortable to wear, because otherwise it would be too rigid. if you feel like your pants stretch out TOO MUCH, i would suggest buying them in a smaller size, or buy jeans with 100% cotton. just make sure you feel comfortable the first time you try on the 100% cotton ones.
  3. I have this problem too! It looks like I have a saggy ass by the time lunch hits!
  4. I know what you mean! It's making me crazy!:push:

  5. Same here and it drives me crazy!! :cursing: It usually happens with my work/suit pants, and I hate buying a new brand for this very same reason -- guessing on the wrong size means potentially throwing money away on another pair of ill-fitting pants.
  6. saggy ass or love handles from wearing tight pants? your choice! ugh.
  7. Haha! So true! :push:
  8. Yes, jeans will generally stretch out (i learnt it the hard ass looked saggy and flat) i sized down. Its tight for the first 10 min or so..then it stretches! another solution: order the waist band stretcher on eBay. it works for me!
  9. So glad I thought to ask you ladies about this problem. I thought I was the only person suffering from this saggy pants problem b/c I never see anyone else walking around all droopy!:smile:
  10. At least you can suck your stomach in to prevent love handles. Can't exactly pad pants to not look like youve got a saggy ass :p
  11. I have some jeans that don't seem to stretch at all, and they're the most uncomfortable garment I own. I like them slightly baggy because "you don't have to show everything off" or whatever but sometimes it would be nice to have a pair of tight pants that remain tight. I think you have to find jeans that fit really well in the first place so they don't revert to sag... which is an impossible task, lol.
  12. I have this same problem too and hate it!

    You can always have the butt area alterred if that is the only thing that is keeping you from enjoying the pants. I don't know how it would work with jeans but I know it can be done with dress pants.
  13. Wow that's true. I never really noticed my pants doing that, well I did but never really cared to think about it. Now I realize I have the same problem. They get all loose and I hate it.
  14. yeah, this happens to me too...
  15. sucking in won't do anything....the handles are just my skin that's how tight those pants are!