Pants and Heel Height

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What do you do?

  1. Stick to a certain heel height (e.g., you only wear flats or 3" heels with pants, no 2" or 4")

  2. Have a variety of pants hemmed to different lengths to wear with different shoes

  3. Not really worry about it and just wear whatever heel with whatever pants even if the height isn't i

  4. Other (please explain)

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  1. So I often hear the advice to hem pants for either flats or heels. The problem is, what if you have varying heights of heels?

    So this is a poll to see what others do... feel free to share your thoughts!
  2. I find that jeans hemmed to specifically match flats tend to ruin the shape of the jeans & overall look so just stick to what suits what. My figure suits bootcuts best, but once tried to hem them for flats and they looked weird, compared to with a heel. So now I have bootcuts to wear with heels, and another ankle-grazer slim cut jeans style for my flats. Depending on the shoe and occasion, the ankle-grazer slim cut can work with heels too if need be.
  3. i voted the other...
    i am 5'7 and my legs are normal length i think (so i don't really hem my pants and i refuse to most of the time)...normally i would have to wear heels when i am wearing dress pants...other times i'll wear whatever shoes. for boot cut i'd make sure the jeans/pants are long enough not to have a flood look. but for skinny doesn't really matter.
    i think each pants for specific pair of shoes is quite un-practical.
  4. I'm 5'7" and to avoid having 'to hAvE' to get 2 pairs of many pants (one for heels, one for flats... I wear super skinny leggings style pants that go directly to my feet w out bunching they look good with both flats and my (only really high) heels
  5. For dress pants I get my pants hemmed to my middle height heels. That way they never look too far off since I almost always wear pants at work.

    I tend to wear skinny jeans so hemming them to a specific heel height isn't a problem. I only have one pair of bootcut jeans that I have to wear with heels. The rest are fine with flats.
  6. I have jeans and pants hemmed to suit flats, mid-height heels, and high heels. My rule of thumb is to hem dressier jeans for my mid-height heels (which is most of my heels), trouser jeans for my highest heels, one pair of dress pants for mid-height heels, and most of my other jeans and pants for flats.
  7. I generally wear 1.5 - 2 inches so I hem it to around that. On days when I need to run and want something more stable, I wear wedges rather than flats.
  8. It depends on the look I'm going for...

    I have jeans/pants in all sorts of hemmed lengths, so I just pick whichever I want to match with the right height of heels.

    My general rule is that for flats, jeans/pants should be hemmed ankle length.
    Otherwise, for heels + bootcut/straight jeans/pants, I hem them to 1 inch above the floor. If it's skinny jeans/pants that I'm wearing with heels, I usually like my shoes to show, so I wear them ankle length.