Pantone Top 10 Colors - Are we There Yet???

  1. So, the other day ... I'm looking over my collection, as well as trying to figure out what I [still] want, when I came across the Pantone Top 10 Colors post on Ateliernaff ( 'Lo and behold, I looked at the colors and thought ... WOW ... it appears as though Balenciaga has actually "come through" with some of these ... check it out:

    • Carafe = Marron, perhaps???.
    • Burnt Ochre = maybe the '07 F/W "Terre di Sienne"??
    • Chili Pepper = how about the '07 F/W "Paprika"??
    • Stargazer = looks kind of like the '07 Anthracite to me!
    • Shale Green = well, this one is kind of tough because while the Vert D'eau is in this hue, it's much lighter in color.
    • Dusk = looks like the '07 Periwinkle/Bleu Glacier!
    • Green Moss = okay, have to go back to the archives for this one ... how about the '06 Light Olive/Origan??
    • Lemon Curry = can anyone say '07 Jaune/Marigold :drool::yahoo:!!!
    • Cashmere Rose = definitely back to the archives on this one too ... darker than the '06 Pale Rose/Rosa Antica (not pink enough for the '05 Bubblegum!)
    • Purple Wine = how 'bout the eagerly anticipated '07 Violet/Grape ... YEAH BABY!!! :yes:
    As we would say here in New England ... wicked pissah!!!
  2. interesting, CeeJay.

    I would imagine that most runway designers would, to a certain degree, consult some sort of trend forecast.

    thanks for the post! : )
  3. Cashmere rose could equal Lilac?

    But - the reason posting.. 49 items :nuts:.. OMG! Which item will be the one, that makes it 50? Please tell me, 50 cause for :dothewave:
  4. Hmmm ... I'll have to look at the '06 Lilac again. The '04 Rose City has a lot more reddish undertones, that's why I didn't pick that one.

    Yeah ... almost 50; the Violet/Grape Grande Matelasse will be number 5-0 ... which I think is very appropriate since it's going to be SPECTACULAR!!!
  5. Omg you're going to have 50 Balenciagas?!:nuts: Does that count your accessories too or not? WOW I'm so envious! Can't wait to see pics of your grande violet matelasse, I'm getting the medium he he:graucho:

  6. :yahoo:Great choice!! I'm going for the City in VIOLET - Since I don't have that style.. But she will only be my 5th bag... (+ 3 accessories) I hope yours does count the accessories in :p
  7. WOW .... thank you CeeJay for this interesting thread :nuts: !! Those Pantone Top 10 Colors looks so gorgeous .... I want bbags with each one of these colors :drool:!
    And I want to see a family-pic from your 49-bag-collection ;):yahoo::yes:
  8. Hi Ceejay,
    Sounds like you have such an enviable collection, I wish you'd post pictures of all 49 bags! Or if that's unmanageable, maybe you could take pictures of ten at a time? Please? I know we're all dying to see them!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well, if we stick to this fall's colors, then I would say the burnt ochre looks like paprika and the chili pepper like tomato. The stargazer could be ocean (the stargazer looks a tad more green, though). The dusk and shale green are mysterys - Balenciaga did mastic and pine instead. The green moss could be dark olive (a darker version of course, but essentially the same idea), lemon curry = jaune, cashmere rose = the magenta reissue (a stretch, I know, but just go with me), and the purple wine is grape!

    So, I guess it does appear that Balenciaga knows what they are doing regarding color selection.