Pantone colours 2024


Jul 18, 2015
What do you think of the Pantone colours for next year? This is "the color of the year"...


I have to say I was totally disappointed with the colour of the year "Peach Fuzz". To me it's bland and boring and I will do my best to avoid it. The shade does absolutely nothing for me, I never wear it and it doesn't suit me at all. It just seems like some weird combination of beige and peach.

The rest of the colours also seem mostly very boring. I see nothing vibrant or interesting there. Ok, so maybe Capri but the rest are just sort of meh.


I can't believe after a really nice year of "Viva Magenta" they'd go for such a lacklustre colour. I'd usually be all over the colour of the year designing products for next year but I can't see myself getting excited about designing anything in "Bad Foundation" (that's what the shade reminds me of).
It's a very soft and calming color. I can see it working well for interiors or fashion.

I've found it does have some potential combined with other colours. Sort of compliments stronger colours.

But as a standalone colour, not something I could wear. Then again, I struggle with finding suitable colours anyway. Seasonal colour analysis never works for me and I look dreadful in pastels.