1. How normal is it for a dog to pant all the time i am afraid my puppy might be sick
  2. Usually it means they are too hot (dogs do not sweat, their cooling system works when they pant) or they are in pain, or they are having some type of medical issue. Also, obese dogs can pant all the time. Is this typical, or did it just start?
  3. she has always panted a lot but she seems to do it a little more now even when she is in the breeze or just in a cold enviroment
  4. Is she eating? Coughing? Vomiting? Look at her gums, are they pink, when you push your finger on them does the area you are pushing go white, then the color comes back real fast?
  5. she eats but not a ton
  6. This can also be stress related. My dog pants when she's nervous. Have there been any changes in your girl's environment? I know the off/on thunderstorms we've had lately (and I see your somewhere in the area) have been stressing out my girl. Add construction on top of that and she's been panting quite a bit.
  7. I'd take it to the vet..just as precaution.
  8. Well, it has been really hot the last couple weeks. Is your pup drinking enough water? Does she seem to be in distress when she's panting or does she look comfortable otherwise?
  9. Panting can be a response to some form of discomfort, like maybe a urinary tract infection? I would watch your pup pee and see if everything looks normal. But, probably a trip to the vet would be in order if you think the panting is excessive.
  10. ITA...I would take her for a quick vet appt just to be on the safe side :smile: