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  1. I heart LV but I really really hate when the leather gets dark. As soon as I notice a slight change in the leather, I sell it on eBay which probably is a bit of a waste of money.

    I'd really like a wapity because when I go out, its either to the movies, restaurant or golfing which seems fitting because all I need is the few cards, keys and my razr but I'm scared of the patina turning dark. This is something I'd like to keep for a while instead of the whole buying and selling process.

    Anyway, to get to my question, is there anything I can spray on the leather when I just get it to keep it a nice light patina?

    Thanks Girls :cool:
  2. :shocked: Really???
    I noticed yesterday, that my Denim Speedy already changed color. I bought it 2 or 3 weeks ago... But it looks so nice now :love:
    I'm sorry, I can't answer your question. But if you do a search here, you might find some posts abot this topic.
  3. Haha Yeah! I'm a little odd like that. My boyfriend noticed my new tango getting a little darker so he asked when I was going to sell it. Oddly enough, he doesn't like the dark patina either.
  4. omg..i hate the dark patina....thats y i like to buy more of epi, damier and suhali...only vachetta ones i bought is mc speedy and mc mini speedy..i think it looks really ugly..wen it gets a bit darker..its acceptable..but wen it gets to that dark brown..i hate it! i wish it could stay that almost white/cream colour that it is right wen i buy it from the store.........-__-
  5. I have a MC White wapity and I use it everyday. I haven't really seen much change to the leather though. It didn't start out pale in the first place. I think they use a different leather.
  6. Spraying with Appleguard is supposed to slow it down, but there's nothing that will actually prevent the process.
  7. I love when it turns a golden brown....I think it makes the bag look really classy.
  8. There's tons of threads about this already. Please use the search feature.
  9. i hate the patina too :mad: i think the vachetta looks so nice when it's in all of its brand new glory

    i recommend Shining Monkey. i use that now, and i will NEVER use Apple Garde again :yucky: unfortunately, nothing can stop the patina -- although i'd give my life to find a way :P -- but Shining Monkey will delay it
  10. I agree w/ some of teh others. Try doing a search, there's TONS of threads that are recent about patina.
Thread Status:
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