Panthere watch?

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  1. Wasn't able to attach last 2 times.. MVIMG_20180120_143104_exported_1324857156155368552.jpg
  2. I tried the panther watch at the Cartier event and I love it much more than the tank, is so special.. I think it was the right choice!
  3. Thank you for +1ing my choice here:smile: it is a beautiful gift from my husband for my bday.
  4. I love BOTH watches. The Tank is so classic, but now that the Panthère has been re-released, I think this time it’s here to stay. I don’t know why it was ever discontinued. It’s truly an icon. :love:
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  5. Congrats, you made a superb choice!!! Do share more modelling pictures if you feel comfortable.
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  6. Great choice! Panthere is truly an icon, mine says hi.

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  7. I compared my vintage steel Panthère watch with the newer model. The only difference I noticed is the new one’s bracelet and case are completely polished shiny, whereas mine is partly shiny and partly satin finished on the case and bracelet. The numerals are slightly larger, too , but not by much.

    I also tried on the rose gold. It looked like liquid gold poured over my wrist. :loveeyes: Maybe someday...... :girlsigh:
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  8. Hi All, I know this is an old thread..but what is the size difference like between the small and medium panthere? I am almost 5'9 and slim, but i still worry that the small would look too small on my wrist. I want a panthere sooooo badly!! I love the mixed metal one!! Ugh!! Anyone have pics of size differences on their wrists? I live nowhere near a Cartier store to try one on myself!
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  9. I recommend that you try them both on. I saw the new models IRL, and there’s a big difference between the small and medium.
  10. Absolutely second this opinion! I saw both sizes in person and there is a significant size difference between the small and medium. The small is very small, very ladylike and formal in its spirit.

    I imagine the medium will be the most popular size. I own the medium Tank Francaise and I find the panthere medium to run on the small side. I wish there is a large panthere.
  11. I usually like a bigger watch. I have the medium Tank Francaise, and I think it’s perfect. But the Panthère is the only watch I prefer in the smaller size. This is just my opinion, but it’s a good reason to make sure you try on both.

    I purchased my Panthère pre-owned. I bought the medium size, and wasn’t sure if I liked it. I had a few days to decide before the return period was up, so I bought a small one before I returned the medium to give myself a couple days to compare them. I decided to keep the small one.

    I’m not saying one is better than the other. It’s a beautiful watch, and whichever one you prefer is the right one for you.
  12. I understand what you mean, but the problem is I live in Atlantic Canada where there is very little high end retail. The high end you see here is stuff people bought on trips to Toronto or NYC. I have never even seen a panthere in real life! It will take me a a while to save so I'm sure I might have the opportunity to see one before I get one! I feel like the medium is better because I am very tall for a woman!
  13. I think you would like the medium better. You could do what I did, and buy them on ebay and decide while you have both, but make sure they allow returns. It’s a beautiful watch. I loved it when I first saw one a really long time ago. I sometimes can’t believe I have it now.
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  14. Thats good advice! My husband thinks im crazy for wanting one but i just think they are soo nice! And I love the idea of having something to pass on to a daughter! I might buy it as a gift for myself when i finally finish grad school!
  15. What size is the panthere? Your whole outfit is giving me inspiration!!