Panthere watch?

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  1. It's a gorgeous watch, and I hope you can get it soon!!
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  2. So, the new Panthere has been released in my city in Asia and I paid a visit to Cartier this evening! I am totally attracted by the rose gold medium (only two sizes S and M) but hubby much prefers the yellow gold. Both are of the same price.

    I like to seek the advice of Cartier lovers and experts - which one keeps its value better? I plan to pass this watch to my daughter someday and it will be wonderful if it can be both a sentimental and practical gift. Appreciate your input!!
  3. I say follow your heart and go with what you love because that will have the most meaning to your daughter. But because you are asking, I prefer yellow gold and think it is the most classic and timeless; pun intended.;)
  4. Any one has the price on the yellow gold panthere watch in small?
  5. I believe it's $18,300 USD; not sure about other currencies worldwide
  6. Is it quartz or automatic? Thanks.
  7. SA in Houston said both sizes are quartz - the size of the Panthere isn't large enough to accommodate an automatic movement ):
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  8. I want the gold so badly. But I already have the galbee and the design is similar and I could not justify the $20k price.
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  10. Hi chiquitapet - I've always liked the Panthere and was so excited to hear that it was being released. But I had purchased the Tank Solo already. I finally went to see and try on the Panthere yesterday and it is so lovely. Here is the medium Panthere next to my Tank Solo (small). Love the bracelet/chains on the Panthere - it has a beautiful shine! So, do I need a second Cartier stainless steel watch?? :P Let us know what you decide!
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  11. Your tank is beautiful!! But you definitely need another watch Thanks for the great picture!
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    The Panthère watch, with a double or triple wrap bracelet, will be available in May.

  13. This is so beautiful.
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  14. My husband wanted to get me a watch for my soon coming bday.i had a great difficulty choosing between the tank solo and panthere medium. Finally went ahead and bought the panthere..but honestly I can't get off the tank solo from my head too..loving both watches..what's wrong with my head..
  15. Here is a mod shot with lovely they both look..