Panthere watch?

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  1. Anybody has the new Panthere watch? I thought I'd get the tank for our anniversary but the panthere is messing with my head! :biggrin: Any wrist shots would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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  2. I have been obsessed with this watch! None of the other Cartier watches had really caught my eye before, but I love this one
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  3. My friend just alerted me about the launch of this (maybe we are too late to the game execuse us looool)
    But i checked it out online and I encouraged her 100% to go check it out and get it!! Hehehe evil enabler
    I got my tank solo on my birthday last December and i wore it daily since then.. and cant get enough of it. And now this too is messing up with my mind ;)
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  4. I have wanted this watch since the 80's, so the new version is on my short list.
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  5. I don't have the newly released Panthere, but here's a photo of my new-to-me one. I wanted this watch so much, but they discontinued the design. It's such an iconic Cartier watch, I don't know why they ever stopped making it. This is the small size. I originally purchased the medium, but I like this size better for the bracelet style. The larger size, IMHO, loses some of the slinky, liquidy suppleness.

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  6. It looks gorgeous on you!! :heart:
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  7. Thank you. I've wanted it forever. It's my dream watch. :love:
  8. So i managed to squeeze 15 min after work today to check it out at my local Botique.. i tried the steel medium one (which is the largest of the two sizes).. its lovely.. but i wish my hand was less wide.. my tank solo fits me better.. but this will be on my wish list one day :heart::heart::heart:
  9. Is there any difference between the new one and old one? My mom has the old one in yellow gold and she asked what the difference is but I'm not sure.... any of you guys know? It's a beautiful piece, you should get it!
  10. I just went to the gold hour party at Cartier last week and got some modelling pictures of the watch, its beautiful! Really feminine and classy! I tried the yg small model and its great for stacking, looks great specially with the clou!
  11. I bought the medium size in stainless several weeks ago. L-O-V-E it. To me the differences are that the bracelet feels almost silklike on the skin. I think this was to address how the older bracelets seemed to stretch out after use. Also the clasp is different. Rather than pull up to open, you slide your finger under the inside of the back of the bracelets and it clicks open. I have had both versions and this seems more modern to me.
    The price is great...a classic and a no brainer.
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  12. I think this one looks lovely. I'm thinking about getting a small one i YG.
  13. This vintage one is beautiful and unique. :loveeyes:

  14. Here's my panthere. Not a new model but a lovely hand-me-down from my mother -- proves how timeless it can be! Hope this makes your difficult, but exciting decision a little bit easier! :hbeat:xx
    FullSizeRender (1).jpg
  15. Hi Nuttynut, Your watch is so gorgeous, and it looks awesomely good on you! Congratulations! I saw and fitted one today at a local Cartier (after I purchased my yg love ring) and I am in love. Also tried the medium size but both my SA and myself agreed its smaller sister (lol) is more delicate and elegant. Needless to say the Panthere is so iconic, just like all Cartier creations. Like always, will need to save up a bit before bringing this beautiful watch home [emoji28][emoji28]
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