Panthere de cartier

  1. Hi ...

    Cartier …..Panthere de cartier

    I have the ring( attached )
    And I want to buy a matching pendent ..

    Which one ( I know we can’t compare !:confused1:) :

    1- the first attached ( long with dimonds)
    2- the second attached ( round no dimonds)
    3- another suggestion from the same collection

    :heart:Thanks ….
    ring.jpg cartier1.jpg cartier2.jpg
  2. need your help guys ... come on ... need classy opinoins
  3. I really love the first pendant.

    The shape is very unique as well as the design.
  4. nr. 1 the long one sheikha mozah has the same (but covered in diamond pavé and emeralds) it is TDF ! :tup:
  5. I would go for the long pendant, it's beautiful
  6. I'd go for the long one. The other one looks kind of plain.
  7. My first choice was the first one , but when I saw the second one (the round) price was soooo cheap compared to the first one ...the diffrence is around 16,000 $ ..

    mmmm .. i think the long one but can the price make me re-think !!!
  8. i vote for the medallion (#2). the tassle (#1) is a bit too OTT. jmho.
  9. can I add option 4 ...:shrugs:

    attached 4- round with dimonds
  10. I love this pendant, I second choice 4. Sorry.
  11. what do u mean by a bit too OTT. jmho ?
  12. I think I'll take option 4 out ! its more expensive than all , also I can't wear it always ... its toooo havzy ...
  13. OTT = over the top
    jmho = just my humble opinion.

  14. I think the best one is the first one.
  15. :crybaby:can't make up my mind ! !!!!

    my friends are telling me go for the second one ( round with no dimonds ) because they say there both nice but the second one is much much cheaper then buy it ........