Pantene's Beautiful Lengths vs. Locks of Love -- which is better?

  1. My hair grows pretty quickly. So last summer, it was just above my shoulders. I usually keep it shorter but because I was going back to school and couldn't afford to cut it regularly, I decided to grow it out. Now my hair is just past my shoulderblades and hits about at my brastrap. So I guess it took me a year and a half to grow it out this long.
  2. I haven't heard the controversy about LOL. My daughter has donated twice, and was preparing to do so again; I think we'll reconsider!! :thinking:
  3. I just donated 10 inches to LOL.. I wasn't aware of any controversy surrounding this organization but controversy or not I was planning to cut my hair anyway so if they put it to good use then great, otherwise it would have gone to waste anyway
  4. ^^^I guess that's one way to look at it. But I would hate to donate my hair thinking it would be used for a wig, then later find out that it wasn't used at all. That kind of defeats the point of donating it in the first place.
    Right now, it's long enough for Beautiful Lengths, but if I let it continue to grow for another month or so I could try out Wigs For Kids. They ask for 12 inches, which is going to make my hair quite heavy.
    Thanks for all of your suggestions and experiences. I appreciate it and you have definitely given me some other options to think about.
  5. I have 30 inch hair.. and everyone always tells me to donate it to Locks of Love.

    After reading this.. not sure if I ever would now.

    But.. does something like this seem like a bad idea to you girls...

    Sell your hair to a local wig maker.. for money.. and Donate the proceeds yourself to Cancer Research or other charitable organization of your choice. So you will know that the money is going to good use.
  6. Sounds like a great idea to me! And that is a lot of hair! How long does it take you to 'do your hair'?
  7. it doesn't take me anytime at all. lol.

    my hair is all one length thick and poker straight.. so i just get out of the shower.. comb and towel dry.

    i know.. people would kill for poker straight hair.. i want curly hair. lol.

    you always want what you dont got.
  8. I have donated to both. Locks wastes hair & only allows childeren under 18 who have PERMANENT hair loss to recieve the hair they do keep & use. That after having to get 2 different dr recommendations. I donated last 2 times, & received a very nice "Thank you" note. Something I never got from Locks,.. confirmation they even got my hair. Beware girls- it's a crooked world. Go for Beautiful lengths!:yahoo:
  9. Locks of Love provides wigs for children with alopecea. Some people seem bothered that they don't do wigs for cancer patients, but I fail to see what the issue is. Either way, a child is experiencing embarrassing hair loss, and alopecea is permanent.
    Locks of Love ends up tossing most of the hair, because it is too short, gray, overprocessed, etc. In any case, here is a NY Times article on the subject. Decide for yourself:
  10. I donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths last year. I was very pleased with the organization and I even received a very nice thank you letter.

    Thank you for choosing to donate your hair instead of leaving it on the floor of the salon!