Pantene is bad-what do i use now?

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  1. For my extremely thin hair? Pantene full and Thick is the only thing over the years that has helped my hair look thicker-and, believe me, I seriously need that in some places.

    now everyone is talking about how bad Pantene is for your hair-so, what do i use now?
  2. If you do not mind plopping down more cash than what the Pantene cost, Bumble and Bumble Thickening shampoo and conditioner are great! I love B & B's products.
  3. Avalon Organics Biotin-B Thickening is what Im using at the moment. It makes my hair feel a bit thicker (i think so anyways). Love that it is organic, cruelty free and also SLS free
  4. The ones I am using or have used that got the "okay" from some stylists and members on this forum:

    Sexy Hair Chocolate Soy Milk Shampoo (my newest one)

    Also recommended:
    Bumble and Bumble
  5. a stylist on the other pantene thread suggested VO5 if you need bargain shampoo/conditioner. I saw it at the drugstore for 1.29, super cheap...I'm going to check it out, so even if it sucks at least I didn't spend 20 bucks to find out!
  6. Lush
  7. OK-I went out and bought Bumble and Bumble and almost had a stroke over what I paid! $50 for one 8 oz bottle of shampoo and one 8 oz. bottle of conditioner! OY!

    I pray it makes my hair look thicker!
  8. I've used B&B and really liked their seaweed shampoo but their jojoba (spelling??) shampoo and cond. made my hair super dry! Ick! I still use their prep and thickening sprays.

    Right now I'm using Biolage for color treated hair and its okay.

    I think I might go buy some Ojon tonight!
  9. Oh man, there are so many to choose from, I feel like I should start a notebook of the brands and what I thought- what it did to my hair. I get overwhelmed when I go to Sephora.
  10. I love Aveda shampoos and conditioners. Especially the Brillant line.
  11. I totally vote for Ojon!

    The Taweka conditioner/shampoo is amazing and I like to use the deep conditioner treatment (having a brain freeze -- can't think of the name!) once a week or so. It is so perfect for my busy lifestyle, though, because I can put it in my hair at night (you put it on dry hair) and then french braid it. Wake up in the morning -- looks like you haven't showered in like five days -- but it makes your hair SUPER soft.

    :heart:LOVE IT.:heart: