Pan's Labyrinth

  1. Has anyone seen this yet? I saw the trailer, read a bit about it on imdb and it looks VERY promising.:yes: It scored 8.3 on the rating, that's REALLY good.
  2. It's in limited release, but I'll see it when it comes to my area!! looks really good.
  3. I want to see it, the trailer makes it look like a great movie...does anyone know when it's in theaters?
  4. I saw it last week, I thought it was really good. I hadn't read the book and didn't know it was in Spanish with subtitles. This guy had his fat head over the subtitles for like half the movie, other than that I really loved it, will probably buy it on DVD when it comes out too! :smile:
  5. Oh, I want to see this this weekend. Its received 99% positive reviews at
  6. I saw the movie at its opening in LA. It was a wonderful film, so haunting and beautiful.

    I highly recommend it, but just be warned its not a "Happily Ever After" type movie.
  7. I didn't know it was going to be in subtitles either. I was expecting it to be like a Chronicles of Narnia kind of movie, but it was far from that. But it was well worth watching. I would definitely recommend it. Sorry about the man with the fat head blocking your view of the subtitles venetia. I'm sure that was really annoying. lol
  8. I saw it in L.A. last week and LOVED it. I went in without knowing a thing about it. I seriously thought it was PG-rated Spanish fairy-tale claymation affair. Anyway, I was very surprised by the brutal violence at first, but it was an incredible movie. I thought about it all of the next day.
  9. My boyfriend wants to see this...but the trailer we saw scared me :shame: The creature with the eyes on its hands is creeeepy.
  10. I saw it yesterday. Fantastic movie. Very grim but beautiful.... Not really that scary, even though the posters/trailers seem scary....
  11. OH I want to see it so badly...I read the magazine and fascinated with those creatures makeup.
  12. Hi There,

    I went to see this before Christmas and it was amazing. It's just so different to anything I have ever seen.

    It's magical but quite difficult to watch in places as it's pretty brutal and quite twisted. It's totally unpredictable and definately worth seeing. I'm going to look out for this director in the future.

  13. loved the movie..... bf also said that the movie was pretty impressive...
  14. Gah! It's limited release over here. I have to find a theatre that is playing this. I want to watch it!!!

    I guess in the meantime, I'll go watch "Children of Men".
  15. I loved this movie! Probably the best movie I've seen in at least a year. The story was gripping, the acting (esp. the little girl) was great, special effects/makeup were incredible. A sad story, and it does stick with you- I was still thinking about it days later. Definitely a must-see.:yes: