Panik's toy box codes???

  1. Does anyone know of any discount codes for Panik's Toy Box or any other places that sell toys that have codes?

    I'd like to get the adios and ciao ciao set.
  2. the last one I got was 'hellofall07' but that was suppose to expire on 9/23/07
  3. hmm yah they usually send me an email with codes but no codes lately that I can remember ... but I have a bad memory :push:
  4. Have you entered the contest to win the set for free? :graucho:
  5. No, I haven't entered the contest I'm still learning how to use my camera so I have no idea how to post pics.

    Thanks for your help anyways ladies. I just thought I'd ask. You never where you can save a little $$$.
  6. There is no pic posting required to enter.. unless there is another contest that I don't know about?
  7. I just checked your blog again since my memory needed refreshing. I will enter.