Panicky Buyer and now a Neg?

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  1. Hi! I've read this forum for a while but haven't ever posted, but I'm so annoyed now, that I thought others might help me calm down a bit. I have been buying and selling on Ebay for over 2 years and am always very honest and have 100% feedback.

    I sold a pair of Manolos that I got myself on ebay and mailed them on Monday. The Buyer emailed me Wednesday morning asking for tracking and before I could even respond, emailed me in the afternoon claiming that one shoe has the size scraped off and is significantly longer and wider than the other and demanded a refund. As I've worn these shoes, and have feet slightly smaller than their stated size and never noticed a tiny bit of difference, I originally questioned them a bit and asked for pics showing the size difference. The super quick email made me think they just didn't want them. Anyway, she says she can't send me a pic of them sole to sole because they won't stay that way and says there is a 1/16th difference in length and width! 1/16th! Perhaps it is a big deal to her so I tell her I will refund her, even though I do think that is a bit ridiculous and the next thing I know I wake up this morning to find a paypal dispute, escalated to a claim within minutes and money deducted from my account! I said I would refund her, which I state in my auction that I won't do! Stupidly, I fired off a response questioning why she would file a claim when I said I would refund her and just saying it was unnecessary and went through paypal and said I would take them back, but now I'm worried about a negative - and I can't give her a negative even though she really overreacted! That doesn't make any sense. I have always had really great experiences through Ebay as a buyer and a seller and just think that it was completely unnecessary to file so quickly - so disappointing.

    How bad will a negative be? Do you think that really detracts buyers? I'm guessing my email + her panicky nature about 1/16th of an inch is going to equal a not so great feedback score.
  2. Well - if you were going to allow her to return anyway, does it really matter that she filed a claim? PayPal put a hold on those funds in your account but then you would have used them to refund her anyway, yes? Maybe she was overreacting or maybe something in your response made her feel that she would be better protected to have the return handled through PayPal. Ebay can be risky for buyers or sellers and sometimes people do panic.

    For many buyers one negative isn't going to be a big deal at all, I would try not to worry too much over it. You can respond to the negative something like - 'offered buyer opportunity to return, sorry they were disappointed' or something to that effect and people will see that when they look at the negative. Just don't do something like shout... LIAR! BUYER WAS TRYINGTO SCAM ME! IDIOT! etc. When I see stuff like that it makes me think worse of the seller, try to be as professional as possible and I think you can counter than negative by how you respond.

  3. In the end, it isn't really a big deal to have a paypal claim, but I guess it's just the principle of it - I have never had a paypal claim against me and I really try to be completely honest in my listings. I just feel with the new ebay rules buyers can get away with a lot because there is no recourse for sellers!
  4. Ebay just changed their feedback policy so that you can't leave negative or neutral feedback. If someone is unhappy with a transaction - ebay now has other ways of remedying the situation as well as protecting members' ebay scores. Don't worry -- no negative feedback for you!

  5. WHAT??? Ebay changed their policy so you can't leave negatives anymore? I've never personally handed out a negative, but I do count on them when deciding who to buy from!

  6. Buyers can leave NEGATIVE. Sellers CANNOT.

    Another of ebay's ridiculous policies.

  7. You shouldn't be worried about possible negative feedback too much. One or two negs out of several happy transactions won't hurt your business. Buyers will understand. Just kindly respond to her neg explaining what really happened. Choose your word professionally and carefully. Like LindaP said, don't use harsh words. They just make the sellers look worse.
  8. I agree. I survived a negative from an idiot. Chose my words carefully and politely. Fumed for a bit and then moved on. Thought about all the pointed remarks I could make - enjoyed thinking them up, but never used them.

    Next stop, go straight to your blocked buyers list
    my ebay
    my account
    site preferences
    manage buyers (it is at the top left of the site preferences page)
    Click on the words which say block buyers by their ebay user id. drop their name into the list (you can block 5000 if you care to). Click save.
    Breathe and relax.

    You could also set your buyer preferences to limit anyone who
    has multiple policy violations.
    has 2 unpaid item strikes in 12 months (default is 3 months)
    and block buyers with less than x number of feedbacks from bidding on more than 1 of your items unless they are fully verified members.

    All of those steps make selling easier.
  9. Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it. She sent me another email and seemed nice, just said she had had bad experiences before with people not refunding her after she returned things. So hopefully it will be ok!
  10. Ebay can get out of hand with the positive/negative stuff..

    Just refund her the funds and work with her so that she will not give you a bad rating, as you know that will be a mark against your record. even if it not fair..