Panic Button For PF Pages?

  1. Just wondering if it might be possible to integrate a so-called "panic button" that would be accessible from the top of each PF page? You know, the type you hit and a fake-o page of some business-y-looking printed page/fako-o pie-chart or (some such) pops up? In case anyone wants to see an example, look here:

    In the upper right corner, it says "Boss Panic Button". Click on it and it's instant CYA. I don't know how much work would be involved to add it to the site, but I can just about guarantee it would get one HELL of a workout from one HELL of a lot of PFers! :whistle:
  2. Apple-H is typed several times a day by me for this very reason ;)
  3. One of the few letters on my keyboard that's wearing off! (oooohhh the guys with CSI would have a field day with that!! ("But 'h' is not one of the more frequently used letters...what's with that???"). But wouldn't it be lovely to have something that looks vaguely work-related (but completely indecipherable) come up? I'd never leave the forum!! :angel:
  4. LOL, love this!
  5. Never knew of this! Will ask Vlad!
  6. ROFL. I can get it done.
  7. OMG..That is toooo took me a minute to figure out wth it was....heehee
  8. Do it and make it look cool Vlad!!! that one is too subtle!!
  9. Genius!
  10. I got so busted today, it was humiliating. My dh and I both work from home...he's a lawyer and I'm a TV Prod. So today, after telling him I couldn't possibly help him proof a brief because I was on deadline :sneaky: (we're usually talking about an hour of mouse-print and numbers and as it's Friday, I REALLY NEEDED to spend some time in here and goof off...I AM able to set and honour priorities!!) So, I'd been all over the Forum and I had kept opening new pages to compare colours etc.

    So, I've been at this for maybe an hour and I hear him coming up the stairs...uncarpeted wood....footfall by footfall....I start closing pages...every time I close one I think it's the last....I hear him at my office door...I start to sweat like Albert Brooks in "Broadcast News" :sweatdrop:....heart pounding...perfunctory knock at the door...and boom! He's in. I felt about 2 years old...caught with my pants down around my ankles.....I see two more windows to go as he comes around behind me.. SUCCESS IS MINE :yahoo: Then, out of freakin' nowhere...there's a full screen shot of a FRENCH BLUE WORK. Could NOT have been more blinding :wtf:. My entire office was aglow. I could FEEL my corneas burning. I go to close it, but it's SO full screen, the little close box was off-screen.

    He looks up, takes one look at the screen and says...and this is a quote..."You are one BIN away from an intervention." :lecture:

    Guys, this is DH#2. I really and truly love this man. Please, a Panic Button. Seriously...if it's not terribly difficult...and if, at all possible it could be available from any page, it would go a long way to saving a number of relationships.

    This was SO not funny. :true:
  11. ^ Yikes!!

    We can help feed your addictions!
  12. You could call it the "Husband Panic Button"
  13. Don't make me laugh I am post surgery and have sutures..LOL
  14. good idea :graucho:

    EDIT: As long as TPF doesn't have to be shut down for a couple of days!
  15. That would be awesome, thank you :tender: