panic attack!!!

  1. Ok, I thought the skinny jean thing was a cute "trend" to indulge for awhile. I bought one pair and enjoyed feeling bit up on things. But now I am afraid, very afraid. Are bootcuts going to become obselete??? If I wear my bootcuts next year, will it look like I'm wearing high waisted, or "mom" jeans??? Will I look like those people who kept wearing chinos in the 90's? :crybaby:

    I Love my bootcut jeans. I don't need much flare -- just a little coverage for the feet, so my shoes stay under the cuff. Is that too much to ask?

    What do you think? Is there hope for the bootcut to stay around as a viable and fashionalbe alternative during this skinny jean phase? Or will I just look like a big dork wearing last decades fashions (not that I don't look this way on occassion already!) Please save the bootcut:tender:
  2. Bootcuts WILL NOT become obsolete. I promise you.
    "Skinny jeans" look good on the VAST *minority*. Bootcuts are flattering to almost every person.
    It won't happen, at least, not anytime soon IMO
  3. Skinny jeans do not look good on me....I'm wearing bootcut forever!
  4. LMAO!!!!

    Bootcuts are classic - they will be around for ever. Good, flattering cuts never die!:yes:
  5. Long live the bootcut!!

    When you are as short as I am you need all the help you can get in making your legs look longer!:yes:
  6. Oh girl bootcut and flare jeans are going to be around forever, I like the skinny denim to tuck into my boots and to wear with flats.
  7. By the way has anyone tried j brand, I am kinda concerned about the fit before I buy online?
  8. nope, sorry platinum. never tried them

    I think we are currently seeing a big move towards style & what individually suits one and a move away from being 'high fashion' . Don't get me wrong, fashion is still (& always will be ) there, its just it seems to be alot more forgiving. Less people are concerned with what is 'in' as opposed to what looks good.

    I'd much rather look great in something that suits me & is not 'in' than wear something straight off the catwalk that makes me look shorter/fatter/ lumpier. All of which I am fighting a constant daily battle against.

    Style, not fashion is eternal.

    edited to make it clearer for others?
  9. :shrugs: And your telling me because... I was just trying to get some views from other women that have tried these jeans on, I myself am in love with 80's fashion, and before I get into a pair of jeans that smash my ass or squeeze my thighs, I would seek the views of ladies that have worn these. AS far as what's in and out, depends on the individual and what their choice of style is. Thanks
  10. excuse me? I was replying to you that I hadn't tried those jeans. Then I left a big gap & replied to the originial post.
  11. What I would like for you to know is that instead of dragging your comment out( which came off to me as criticizing) you could have very well stated that you hadn't tried those on. If you re-read your post you could see how I would take offense to that remark.
  12. I read everything and nothing was remotely offensive until the
    "and you're telling me this because. . . " she wasn't talking TO you. . .
    maybe this is better suited for a PM, don't hi-jack this thread.
  13. I think skinny jeans are a fad right now- they actually do not really fit me?! I tried a pair on at my fav jean store and nearly had a panic attack because I couldn't get them off.

    Bootcuts will always be in- they are 'regualar' jeans that come in 8 million styles and will always be hot IMO!! :yes:
  14. hahaha! megs that is sooooooo funny!

    I know what you mean though! I remember my aunt wearing those in the 70's after Grease came out & she had to lie on the floor & wiggle to get hers done up!:biggrin:

    The thing I hate about skinny jeans, well, theres lots of things I hate about them, but the main thing is how everyone regardless of thier own shape is wearing them! & for most, it is *not* a good look!:biggrin:

    edited cos the batteries are running out in my keyboard & skipping letters :sad:
  15. What? you read this how many minutes ago, enough said.:wacko: