Panic at the disco!

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  1. is it a fake?
    i found it one nite
    is it a joke?
    i hope it's alright
    shiny like starlight
    it's a disco tonite
    found out from diego
    it's a rare prototype!

  2. i know it's kinda cheesy
    like when i was five
    but the sparkles just lured me
    like bright shiny knives.
    I really should have stayed away
    but a snipe I put in
    won it just a lil way
    let the sparkle begin!
  3. disco! disco!
    my lil' disco
    and to the concerts you must go
    cause your shiny and bright!
    disco disco!
    you sparkle with the lights low
    you're gonna look so cool at nite!
  4. so let me present to you
    a rare prototype from Dragon Yu
    the official color is sky blue
    and it looks like its spankin' new!
    lil resort 2008 jersey turnlock baby dylan market sample!!:yahoo:
    (i know this lil thing is tacky as hell, but it pulls at the child in my heart that goes gaga over sparkley stuff. LOL)
  5. :nuts: oh it's gorgeous! it looks great on you!
  6. Oh my... you look GORGEOUS with that killer bag. :smile:

  7. *BLING!!* :jrs: That is one sparkly bag, Junie!! I'm imagining it catching the light as you dance at a concert... "June, June is truly amazing...truly, truly, truly amazing...whoa-oh-oh JUNE!" How freaking cool to own a prototype bag?? Love it!
  8. june, pm is right... thats an amazing concert bag, and you rock it in style. thats such a happy little bag!
  9. What a fun and sparkly bag! You rock it!
  10. Too funny! Its definitely a party bag. Maybe I should get the metallic gold stam and join you for a night at the disco!
  11. I guess you got to the bottom of the Dylan mystery!! I didn't know you were the buyer!! :amuse:

    Looks great on you though, seriously, not many people can pull this bag off and you do it beautifully :love:
  12. too clever!! enjoy that wonderful and fun bag!
  13. That is a statement! U go girl!
  14. What a fun bag, W! And let me just say, you look so effortlessly *cool* in your modeling pics. I wish I had that talent, girl! I hope your Dylan serves you well as a blingy concert bag. :hugs:
  15. #15 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    hahah! thanks!

    OMg i know. it's uber blingy! hahaha...but a lil sparkle at nite is okay with me. it's totally fun!

    awh, thanks hon! definately not a classic MJ bag in the slighest, but the shiny just makes me smile!

    thanks hon!

    OMg i know. definately a party bag. it's not something im gonna use on a daily basis, folks might start thinking im a lil whacko, and if i wore it on a sunny day, good god! could you imagine how many people i could blind? or the possible fender benders i could cause from the bling??? :roflmfao: it's a guilty pleasure, i gotta say....a lil bling now and then is good for the girl though. ;)

    whoops, yeah. it was me. :shame: i saw it from day one and it strangely would not get out of my mind. i tried talking myself out of it, for fear of looking like i stole some 5 year olds bag, or that whole "now where, when and HOW the hell are you gonna pull off THAT?!?!?" side of my brain that tells me sensical things...but no...i gave in...i just had to have it. LOL...and yes, my sleuthing paid off. diego helped me as well as you and google. so thank you!! :hugs: