PANIC: Apple Garde!

  1. OK I sprayed my new bags with the Apple repellent, and even though I did it about an hour or so ago and didn't use too much, it doesn't seem to have dried off!!! Now the leather looks like it has patinaed and not all of it has returned to its original color.

  2. In my signature is a tutorial on using apple garde and all their products - including photos from when I sprayed my bag and it got covered in yucky BLOTCHES - 24 hours later they were gone :smile: - take a look, and BREATH - they'll go away :smile:
  3. How much spray did you use? Did you aim directly at the leather or do a light sweeping spray way above the leather? Did you condition the leather first? Don't panic...
  4. i did a 'light sweeping spray', like 8 inches away from the leather

    and LivinLuxuriously, i have the exact same splotches on my speedy! i hope they go away by tomorrow
  5. I promise you, they will go away - depending how much you sprayed it could take up to 72 hours for them to fade completely, but they will fade.

    I accidentally BROKE a bottle of AG over my MC trouville and I swore it was RUINED. I sat it in front of my fan and 48 hours later the spots COMPLETELY faded
  6. Don't panic.
    I sprayed my Cabas Mezzo on Wednesday, two coats, and today it looks exactly the same as before. The vachetta is very pale, it has not oxidized at all, so I would be able to tell. Give it some time to dry completely.
  7. the marks are beginning to fade off now, but very, very slowly. i'm dying to use my Speedy and Wapity, but they're just sitting in my living room and taunting me with Apple Garde.
  8. lol take em out! I took my speedy out all blotchy lol - it'll probably help it dry out quicker too - the wind and breeze etc :yes:
  9. ^^^^What she said!
    I let mine dry in the garage with the door open. It will definitely hasten evaporation if you put them in a well ventilated room.
  10. Is this the same Trouville that had the ruined handles??
  11. ok, it's been 3 days and the Apple Garde still hasn't faded off yet :amazed:! well, most of it has, but now the leather looks as though it has a very light patina, which is what i really don't want. and to make matters worse, the leather parts sewn to the bag that are connected to the handles are significantly darker than the rest of the leather, and one handle is slightly darker than the other! so now it looks really weird :cry:.

    i've included photos, but i don't know if you can tell the difference in the color of the leather.




    see? the right handle is darker than the left. and it's no lighting trick!

    WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!:cry::cry::cry:
    speedy 001.jpg speedy 002.jpg speedy 003.jpg
  12. i have a sinking feeling my poor Speedy is doomed to spend the rest of its life looking like this :cry:
  13. Yeuxhonnetes - I'm sorry I don't have any good advice. Is the speedy still "wet" with apple garde? I hoping it's just that and it's been humid where you are so it just doesn't dry as fast as it should.
  14. You're the only one who is going to noticy this slight disparity between the two handles. Don't panic over it. Everything will even out over time. :smile:
  15. no, the apple garde is dry. and i'm up in Buffalo, NY, where it's dry as a bone here. i'm just going to cross all fingers and toes and hope it evens out.

    i'm not too worried about the handles. i'm worried about the leather parts connected to the handles, like in the 2nd picture :wondering.