Pandora's box ......

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  1. I owe a reveal for the longest time :smile:

    It all fits in the box

  2. :nuts:

  3. :popcorn:
  4. A live one!! Hooray!!
  5. Open,I am not afraid
  6. Can't wait to see!
  7. yay, my first live one!
  8. or not :shame:

  9. Hmmmmmm what can be in that box? let's see...


    aha the beautiful glam scarf
  10. Oh boy! I love a live show!:woohoo:
  11. what else fits in that box?
  12. is it another scarf ?


    OYEAH finally the brides .....:yahoo:
  13. *looking" *looking* is there anymore in there?
  14. yes yes yes yes yes...I showed up just in time :nuts:

    bring it baby!! :yahoo: :woohoo: :yahoo: :woohoo: :yahoo:
  15. open please!