Pandora wristlet


Dec 29, 2009
Rocky Mountain Region :)
Hi all,
I was at Barney's in Tokyo earlier and saw the Pandora floral wristlet on sale! It was about 500 US dollars after discount but they will give additional 20% off! ( the original price is like 800 US dollars)

I thought it was really cute, but anyone has reviews on this?

I have large Pandora in black and I have been obsessed with Pandoras! But I'm not all that great with small bags so if anyone has any thoughts, it will be highly appreciated! ☺

Sep 14, 2016
I know this is an old post, but I am curious too. I've searched the forum but I've only seen three wristlets, only one posted a picture of whats inside. Can anyone also post a pic of their gorgeous givenchy wristlet? Thanks! :heart: