Pandora medium vs small - Best for working mommy?

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  1. Hello folks,
    I am new to this designer (I'm an LV girl), but I have been wanting a Pandora for a while...I finally went ahead and ordered the medium black in pepe leather from Bergdorf and what was described on the website as medium in navy pepe from Barneys...but when I got the email confirmation, is says small! I wait on both to be delivered and then compare.
    I have looked at the medium in person at Nordie's, so I am familiar with the size and capacity...but have never seen a small IRL. Being a busy working mom, I am need something hands free that can hold a decent amount of items for work and outings. (wristlet, cosmetics pouch, iPhone, envelopes/receipts, misc. toddler stuff), but I don't want something too heavy either.
    Any suggestions? On both color (black or navy) and size? Thanks!
  2. I've always been loyal to the medium, so that's my preference. It holds everything I need for work, and it looks great too. I own the pepe in navy and black, but last year, I got the small bc for the first time, I wanted one that was a bit more "casual".

    I think you might like both sizes for different reasons once you try them side by side, or you might feel one is a better fit for your figure. Pepe is a great choice btw, and I love both colors.

    The one thing to note is that since I'm used to the med, it feels like the opening of the small is less easy to get in and out.
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  3. I received the small navy in the mail yesterday and it was def waaaay too small for what I am needing it for. The color, however, is beautiful! I am for sure going to go with the medium now, but can't decide between navy (fun, unique, casual) or black (classic, dressy).
  4. Glad that you've narrowed down the size. I think navy is gorgeous, and would get it first, as most women already own black bags.
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  5. I own all 4 sizes-mini, small, medium and large. I have to say that I think the medium is the best size. While the small holds most of my things, it is harder to get in and out of, and locate everything in there. The pandora is such a wonderful bag overall. I hope you enjoy your medium, whichever color you decide. I think navy can be a great classic color as well as the black.
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