Pandora, is it the ugly step-child?

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  1. I love, love my large Pandora in black. Every time I wear it though, people look at the bag and frown... why? I'm so baffled!!!

    And why isn't the Pandora more "well-known"? I live in a metropolitan area!
  2. people frown? that's so weird!

    I love it, it's actually growing more and more on me. every time I see it in streetstyle pictures I think it looks extremely cool.

    not being well-known is a good thing in my book though.
  3. Frown! Weird, right? I love big bags and this one is functional and the leather can totally take a beating. Of course the shape is just COOL!
  4. Oh, and some friends who are label-whores (I say that with love :smile:) can not believe I paid almost 2K for it. They all think I could've bought LV or Chanel for that price. Meaning the price does not justify the "name".
  5. haha, I chuckled at the title of this post!

    They probably frown because they can't wrap their heads around the bag. It is SOOO DIFFERENT from anything else on the market as far as I know.

    I frowned for a very long time the first time I saw one online. But seeing so many of them on tPF got me to better appreciate it. Plus, I saw a lady wearing one (large) some weekends ago and she looked casual but fashionable in a way I aim for and appreciate. Her bag just popped.

    The pandora is definitely not the ugly step child IMO :biggrin:
  6. please don't make such sweeping statement. It's a beatiful bag. Who cares what these people think?
  7. Please clarify, what "sweeping statement"???

    And who cares what people think? I do! I'd like to know why they frown at a bag I love. Or rather, why tPFers think they frown.
  8. I think you might be right about it being so different. The shape is distinctive, there's nothing else like it!!!

    I loved it at first sight, I immidiately forgot about adding another Balenciaga Work to my collection :smile:
  9. I have the Pandora and love it. I think it's beautiful, functional and love how lightweight and unique it is. I didn't always love it though and I probably was one of those who 'frowned' at the bag, not because I thought it was ugly, but more because I couldn't understand how the shape of it worked - how does it stay flat when there are things inside? Why does it sag that way? So maybe the "frowns" you are seeing are not from disapproval but from puzzlement/confusion?

    Now that I own a Pandora I know each zipper opens into a different compartment, and the interior if the bag is 'normal' and not weird. I have recently downsized my closet and sold off Chanels, Balenciagas, Goyard, LVs and so on but have held on to my Pandora. It's an awesome bag!
  10. I also love the Pandora and think it's misunderstood, especially just on a shelf. Before I ever tried it on I really didn't like it when on the shelf. Only once I tried it on did it impress me with its versatility and uniqueness. Some people may never appreciate it, but oh well!
  11. I didn't like the bag at first myself. The shape of it was so awkward that I didn't "get it". But now that I do, I love it. I think it's a typical bag thing: you either like it or you don't and sometimes something that you don't like can grow on you by you seeing it in real life or other people carrying it.
  12. I'm starting to think the pandora with its different compartments would make a really great travel bag... are there any threads here with good pictures of how all the pockets work?
  13. I love the pandora. I do admit when I first saw it hanging on the rack at Barney's, I probably frowned. Not because I thought it was ugly, but because I was really trying to wrap my head around the geometry and "physics" (lol) of the bag. I finally tried it on and marveled at how practical and cute it really is. It is such a unique bag and I would love to get one someday. The Pepe leather especially is tdf!
  14. These were my first thoughts.
    The Pandora is definitely the kind of bag that has NO shelf appeal. You must physically take the stuffing out of the bag and try on the bag in order to fully appreciate the aesthetic and allure of the Pandora.

    I love mine and can't see myself parting with it anytime soon.
  15. It absolutely is! I don't have any photos handy, but I just carried a Medium Pandora with me on a plane today.

    In the main compartment I stored:
    2 coin purses
    make-up clutch
    4" x 3" x 6" jewelry case

    In the front pocket I stored:

    There was plenty of room to spare and it fit easily under the seat with additional clearance.

    That's about twice as much weight as I carry on a daily basis, and even with the extra items, when worn by the handle or shoulder strap, the bag slouches. The only time my Pandora looks "box-like" is if I place it on a flat surface to rest.

    Also worth noting: I have two Pandoras made of different leathers, and neither of them shows any wear. I carry them often!