Pandora Durability and use

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  1. Hi,
    I recently purchased a small Pandora in a light grey colour with the Pepe textured leather. I love the bag and plan to use it as my everyday bag but am a little worried about the wear and tear on the point of contact between the handle and the bag itself. I don't overload my bags with stuff but it's also not just a tube of lip gloss and keys. Has anyone had any issues with structural damage to the bag? Is this something I should be mindful of?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It shouldnt, esp with light contents. Youre referring to when the handle lays flat on the logo top side of bag right?
  3. Thanks so much! Here's specifically the part in talking about. It's the actual portion where the handle attaches to the body of the bag. I feel like it's going to eventually rip off.

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  4. Mine has actually come apart a little near the top. I have a medium Pandora and I wouldn't say I overload it, but I do have my umbrella, long wallet, phone, sunglasses case, etc. and sometimes water bottle in it. I also wear my bag on my shoulders so having to zip it from one side may also cause the seam to rip a little? I've had my bag for over a year and it hasn't worsened, so I'm hoping it'll just stay as is.
  5. That's exactly what I'm worried about. Hoping it doesn't fall apart in a year. I actually emailed Givenchy to get their thoughts. I would imagine if it was a major concern we would have seen more about it but just want to see what others have noticed with their use. Can you post a pic of how its come apart? Thanks!
  6. Ive had mine for many yrs and no issues at all for that area. In case it does unravel, Givenchy should be able to repair it.
  7. I also bought a Pandora in pepe leather recently after long deliberation . I 've always adored the look of the pepe texture , but had no idea what I was in for as there has been some mixed reviews regarding the durability . Only 2 weeks post-purchase, I noticed a small fleck of leather chipped off the handle. Lucky I'm not an OCD, and let it go .But I must say , this has put off the pepe for a lil bit, unless if it comes in a super gorgeous color! I guess at the end of the day , it depends on how bothered you get with these defects. I still love my Pandora nontheless!

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  8. Here is what happened with my bag. It actually happened within the first week or two of using my bag and it's stayed that way for the past year. I took a photo with flash as well, hopefully it'll be easier to see the detachment.
    13691014_10209041801115680_7365315345638822671_o.jpg 13717425_10209041800755671_7886313586425231242_o.jpg
  9. This looks like the goatskin . Is that right? Strangely enough , I would have thought that this would be sturdier than the pepe leather!
  10. I think it's either the goatskin or calf skin? I'm not sure, I'll have to double check and get back to you. I think it may have happened when I tried to zip the bag with one hand since the tear is only on one side..or maybe I put to many things inside. But it hasn't worsened, so that's good. Other than that minor tear, the bag has held up quite well! No scuffed edges or seams coming apart on handles.
  11. This is exactly the type of wear and tear i was thinking about. Nothing has actually happened yet to my bag but it feels like a vulnerable spot on the bag. I took it to Holt Renfrew where i purchased from and they said to use it with heavy wear and tear for 6months and they will repair any damage. The manager said that i shouldn't be delicate to identify any weak spots. So that's what i'm doing. Givenchy just directed me back to the store that i purchased from - not much help there. Wonder if this is common occurrence. The asymmetrical design of the bag sort of lends itself to having a lot of weight on that particular spot.
  12. Really?! Which HR did you buy it from? The repair service sounds pretty good if they're willing to repair it for you!
  13. HR Yorkdale. Manager's name was Tiffany if I remember correctly. I'm taking her word for it! They are generally pretty good. I still don't know if this is even going to be a problem, just being proactive is not a cheapy purchase.
  14. Try to enjoy the bag, it is a very easy to use bag and it can carry a lot! I was a little bothered by the tear in the beginning, but after a while I got used to it. I definitely don't baby this bag as much but I am still very careful when I am out (I never put my bag on the ground, try to avoid touching people/people touching me, wipe it down when I get caught in rain, etc.).
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