~*~ Pandora Bracelet Thread ~*~

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  1. Well the truth is....I have a full 2 tone bracelet currently on a pipe cleaner (was on an oxi that I made into a SS bracelet for my purple themed bracelet) and another full 2 tone (-3 beads) on a pipe cleaner waiting for another bracelet (I wanted the gold clasp but will settle on a SS for now), a safety chain and the 3 missing beads....lol....

    Then I have my purple bracelet which is missing quite a few charms and my gold :smile:
  2. I got dragonfly bead yesterday, .I thought it might be large, but it is a regular size, tiny dragonflies, very pretty :smile:

  3. :woot::woot::woot: OMG...Do tyou have pics of it on a bracelet??? Pretty Please??? :smile:
  4. Wow! Well you have a plan and it's all coming together : )
  5. Ok, thanks very much :smile:

  6. but now that I'm banned, it may take a long time :sad:
  7. Thanks so much Pandora 15! I cannot wait until you r off your ban! Your bracelets are beautiful and I would love to see what you are designing!
  8. They said they didn't know when the new collection would be in! Probably best for my wallet anyways. :smile: This was a store in store Pandora, not a concept store. So maybe that's why they didn't know?
  9. my son works on the pic. right now , will post soon :smile:
  10. here is a pic of my new bead

    Attached Files:

  11. All the more satisfying when you do get them. At least you don't have to worry about the charms retiring! Just saw a charm on Perlen that's $83 cheaper. Argh. Shutting it down. I have a child and debt to take care of!
  12. Thanks xx

  13. Thanks I started to panic when I read somewhere that I needed a safety chain.
  14. Thats so pretty:smile:
  15. Oooh that is really pretty!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.