~*~ Pandora Bracelet Thread ~*~

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  1. I love the color combo, that murano fits in perfectly :smile:
  2. How much is the dragonfly in US $?

  3. LOL I know! I am so weak when it comes to pretty things. :biggrin: And thank you! I love the muranos, they are so pretty especially now in the spring!!
  4. Thanks Love!

    Did they say when they would get the new collection in?
  5. Can you beleive my store has the new collection already? The store that never gets anything????? I'm not going though, I'm banned!!! lol
  6. Wow! Is this a concept store? Let us know if you need support, lol. It's a good time to plan ahead for future purchases....trying to help here!

    I am also on a ban. Okay maybe a little treat for Mothers day and then I'm waiting for the September promo (hopefully another free bracelet promo)! Hopefully I don't eat my words later!

  7. I'm not sure, but Perlen will be getting more soon and it's only $130 from them. I think CharmsAddict has the price list :smile:

  8. Well it's a newly renovated store in store......I don't need much really.....just 30 beads on my wishlist, gold earrings and necklaces oh and rings...lmao My plan is to pay off my CC in full in the next 3 months. I'll make the odd small purchase maybe, but that's it until then.... ;)
  9. Impatiently waiting for the March bracelet promotion to get here so I can stock up on some Muranos and get the bracelet.....

  10. Which muranos?
  11. I'm thinking the...

    Kiss Me I'm Irish
    Orange and/or Blue Swirl
    Captivating Black and/or Red Hot
    Blue Ribbon or Teal Blue Stripes

    Not so much to put them on my bracelet (which is two-tone), but to place on my necklace and to match to outfits, etc.

    Need to seem them in person, lol, then I'll decide :smile:
  12. I wish the two tone bracelet would come down more in price. It's $395 in Canada and $372 US on Perlen. Sigh

  13. Once you log in, it's only $298 on Perlen...which is still high enough....I want it too, but .....I'm trying to be good.....Maybe eventually, I'll change my SS bracelet for the gold clasp one but not anytime soon, I still have to finish my second 2 tone and buy the friggin bracelets.....I have a box full of beads ATM just patiently waiting...lol

  14. Nice choice :smile: I can't wait to see pics!!!
  15. I always forget about the VAT! So right now do you have your two tone beads on a SS bracelet, and are waiting to exchange for a gold clasp? I'm still debating which one I will go with. In the meantime, that's a good plan! Those poor lonely beads of yours, lol.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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