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  1. Very interesting, Coconkally, thanks! I actually cleaned a bunch of it yesterday. About 10 years ago I bought this silver plate thing that was advertised on TV, I think. Anyway you put it in a pan or sink, then put your jewelery on top of it, and have each piece of jewelry touching one another. Then you pour hot water that's been boiled over it, and then add baking soda. It gets real bubbly and cleans it well. It sounds very similar to your method with the vinegar. I clean with white vinegar all the time and it does work well.
  2. Thanks, I will ask the manager. I'll just use a regular credit card if they don't want to do it. I just want to get rid of the giftcards so I don't have to keep track of them.
  3. Question: Do any of you have the necklace and if so, do you like it as much as a bracelet? I was just wondering if the store where I'm going for the promo would let me put the bracelet promo towards a necklace instead and just pay the difference. Or maybe I should get the bracelet and then the next time they have the promo, get another bracelet and link them together to wear as a necklace for a change.
  4. Apparently there is a Pandora concept store opening up in my local mall... Sooo tempted to buy a Pandora bracelet with the promo! Gah! I have been buying alot of Trollbeads lately, my SO would kill me!!! haha!
    Who else is doing the bracelet promo?
  5. I can't wait for the bracelet promo! :smile: I have a list all ready!!!
  6. Soooo I went shopping and didn't mean to buy any Pandora. But I took a look at the Kiss Me I'm Irish bead and it is a LOVELY colour. With that said, I wasn't sure if it matched my bracelet (already very muted neutral tones). But for some reason I like how it looks. It seems to add a pop of colour to my bracelet without clashing too much. Or else I'm just justifying getting it. LOL I also got the new catalogue - Hooray!

    Either way my bracelet is almost full now. I believe I still have room for the dragonfly bead (waiting patiently for it to come to me) if I move one of the charms over to the last screw. Or else I'll have to take one off to put the dragonfly bead on this bracelet. Not sure what to do yet.

    I do know I like the start and end screws covered up with charms but I don't know how good it is for the bracelet? The safety chain I have isn't a screw on so it clips on and won't cover those screws. Anyone else have this problem?

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  7. Looks so pretty! The charm and everything paired together! I really like the two tone safety chain you have. I have the SS clip on. I'm actually thinking of getting a screw on so I can have more room for beads : -S
  8. Where did you get the catalog??
  9. Thank you KBlue! Are you from Toronto? If so they have them at Cupido (Bayview Village).

    Is there a charm in particular you wanted to know the Canadian price for?

    The Dragonfly is going to retail for $205 CDN!
  10. I'm in Ottawa, so I'll just bide my time and pop into stores to see if they come in soon. I was told early April! I just wanted to see if there were any new reveals that we maybe haven't seen online.

  11. Hmmm, I took a look at the catalogue and I think there are a couple of charms that I haven't seen posted before. A light blue love you enamel (I've only seen the pink), and a sterling silver dangle called piece of my heart red enamel that splits in two (one side says mother and the other side says daughter)
  12. Hi ladies I only have one charm on my SS bracelet and two clips, do you think it is advisable to get a safety chain?
  13. morgan- I don't think you need it.
  14. I have one, but I have not worn it very much. I tend to wear the leather necklace more.
  15. HAHAHAHA! Didn't MEAN to get any Pandora? LOL! Love your bracelet with all the different muranos!

    I've heard that the safety can be a nusiance slip sliding around when there aren't a lot of charms on it. You may want to wait until you have about 3 charms to either side of the clips before getting it. Or, you could get it and use those rubber stoppers to keep it from sliding until you fill it up more... :smile:
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