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  1. So I'm finally back from my cruise. Don't think I'll be able to catch up on this page!!!!! I missed everyone and my bracelets too of course because I left all but one at home!!!!! I can't wait for the promo that begins on Thursday here. I have a few items to finish up on...
  2. cant imagine why you couldnt do it with 2 tones it wont damage the gold.
    i wont with full gold charms as a simple cloth will do the trick.
    i came up with this solution when i tried to oxidise some charms and they went like a rusty colour and i flapped lol and it removed the extra oxidisation in 5 minutes flat so may not be a good idea putting charms in that have alot of oxidisation on.
  3. I am drawn to dangles for some reason, in fact I have to reframe from buying them or else every other charm on my bracelet would be a dangle. I prefer no more than 3 or 4 on a bracelet.
  4. I know - I'm always twisting my wrist this way and that to look at it rather than focusing on my work. I'm like a dog with a shiny new toy ;- P
  5. Welcome back! Hope you had an amazing time on your vacation!
  6. Haha! I thought it was just me. :lol:
  7. I also keep 4 dangles on my bracelet but I think 6 small ones will look ok. But for the big ones I do think 3-4 is enough especially that the safety chain looks like a bling in itself.
  8. Welcome back!!! Hope the cruise was fun!

    I so do this too!!! LOL

    Hmmm definitely not an expert, but my bracelet is almost full (room for one more charm only I believe now). And it is HEAVY. The weight always catches me by surprise. But I definitely feel the bracelet has 'relaxed'. When I received my promo bracelet I was surprised by how stiff it was (but remembered that how this one used to be and it's ONLY been 2 months). I think the bracelet 'relaxing' has also stretched a bit. As I can feel it when my arm is down - the bracelet touches my hand slightly and it didn't do that before. How much it stretched I couldn't say. But for my free promo bracelet I went with the smallest size for my wrist - anticipating it to relax over time and possibly stretch a bit again.

    Cannot WAIT To see a pic of this charm. I LOVE the ones I've seen so far on line. Congratulations!!
  9. Forgot to ask a quick question. Now that the Canadian promo event is over. Does anyone know when/what the next promo is going to be? I would guess Mother's day. But maybe its too early to say since the states has their promo this weekend??
  10. I know Charms Addict lists the upcoming US promos online. Also, a woman on FB from Ottawa (Shelley Holmes or something like that) said she had it on strong authority that Mothers Day promo would be a bracelet, 2 clips, Mom charm, and another SS charm for $200. She worked it out to a $110 savings.

    I think in June there is a promo involving the lariat. I got it last year in a promo, but I never wear it!
  11. When I was at a non-concept store on Thursday, the sales lady mentioned that Canada wouldn't get the new collection until after the US, so more like April. Also, concept stores get the collection and catalogs first, then the other jewelery stores that sell Pandora.
  12. Yes, I've been told the same thing about the concept stores getting new things before the store in stores. :sad::sad::sad::sad:
  13. Thanks KBlue!
  14. I like pandora
  15. Heeey! I know this ebay seller who is sellin pandora, and I wanna know if anyone has heard of that seller cuz I dont know if the jewelry is real. the name is charming888
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.