~*~ Pandora Bracelet Thread ~*~

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  1. Thank you! :hugs:Hehe, I know what you mean. lol
    I love the fact that you can mix and match these two brands to make your own unique piece.
  2. So, dumb questions time: can you do this with 2-tone beads? Also, what's the best thing for all gold ones? Just the polishing cloth? I remember someone saying on here that gold doesn't need anything much, but for my wedding ring etc I use a liquid cleaner, I guess because of the diamonds. I wouldn't want to put any gold charms in that though.

    Yes, and I love the troll animal print beads. Apparently Pandora is bringing some out mid-year. If I don't like them much I may have to venture to The Troll Side one day! :love:
    Good night, my weekend is over:graucho:....back to work tomorrow:graucho:
  3. Thanks Aprilshack!
  4. I like my dangles: daisy bead with turquoise, lemon quartz, horse shoe, and bible. I think they give a sense of movement for my bracelet, makes it more attractive IMO. I arrange my charms facing me when i have my hands held up because i want to appreciate them all. How it looks to others is just second to my mind when I arrange my charms. :lol:
  5. I bought a double braid leather bracelet last week but just used it once since with about 5 charms. The D1 or small feels the best fit for me even with charms but SA suggested the D2 or medium length so I have an option to use it as a necklace. So far no resentments as I like wearing my SS bracelet for the moment. I'm seriously thinking of getting an oxidized bracelet or the all gold one. The more i look at the catalogs the more I'm falling in love. :P when i do get the all gold, will just have to use my current SS charms as all my moolah will be tied there. Oh dear, this is such a bad bug to get bitten by. :lol:
  6. LOL, I do exactly the same!! :lol:
  7. None of mine have really "stretched", but the floppier they get they seem to have more room. Also, I have worn stiff bracelets to bed on purpose to floppy them up. Maybe they've stretched a tiny, tiny, bit with wearing them to bed just for a week. So I imagine if you sleep in it every night, it might stretch, but if you don't, then they won't. LOL!
  8. Does anyone know any charm bracalet comany's (which fit onto PANDORA!!!) like all the beads fit on ;)
  9. troll bracelets will fit all charms. not all troll charms will it other brand bracelets. does that answer your question? :smile:
  10. Do you know about chamilia charms? ;) because I have a pandora bracalet hahaha ;)
  11. yes. all the major brands are compatible with one another except what I said about Troll above because the Troll charms are smaller in diameter. However, putting non-pandora charms on a pandora bracelet voids the warranty, if that's something you're concerned about it. Otherwise, put whatever floats your boat on your bracelet...it is your bracelet afterall!
  12. Hahahaha yeah... Thanks :biggrin:D
  13. I was just wondering, if you take a non Pandora charm off your bracelet would they know it was on to void the warranty? Also what's the warranty for? How do they break? I don't know where to find the plastic stoppers everyone's talking about but thank you to whoever suggested little plastic hair bands, they work great! I think I finally found a combo I can finally call finished. One is a silver bracelet, one white leather and then the brown leather. I don't love the brown and will probably switch to pink, purple, gray or white. The gold coin not Pandora (duh), that's why I asked about warranty. Do you think it's ok to only do front and not sides? I'll probably end up finishing them, I just don't want the "gotta have it NOW!" feeling that I've been living with LOL.

  14. Thank you so much!
  15. no they would have no way of knowing but if you wear or bring it into the store for cleaning they most likely won't service it. also if it happens to break anywhere along the bracelet (I think some people have experienced this at the threads) then that's a problem and they will probably say it's because the other brands moving over the threads can cause the bracelet to break. filling up just one section looks good and gives you that full feeling! :biggrin:
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