~*~ Pandora Bracelet Thread ~*~

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  1. #1 Jul 14, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2011
    The last one was too long and is now archived. For reference you can find it here:

    A few key reminders:

    -This is for PANDORA only, it's not a general chat thread, we have one for the Jewelry Box already.

    -you CANNOT buy/sell/trade here or via PM

    -do not post what you are interested in selling - this is advertising

    -do not ask for members to get pieces for you

    I had a lot of complaints about subtle advertising in the last thread - or flat out clear advertising! That IS NOT allowed and you could be banned for this. Also, advertising your friends auctions is complained about. . . people know this is happening and it's actually counterproductive, makes them deliberately NOT buy because it's irritating to see people promoting their friends only.:idea:
  2. I'm the first Postie.... Yayyyyyy :yahoo:
  3. I'm the second!!!
  4. Thank you for archiving and starting a new thread, Swanky!:heart:
  5. Thanks for starting the new thread Swanky! Apologies if I was one of the ones you are talking about...I don't remember doing so but I will be more conscious of it just in case!

    Here is my current mish mashed bracelet...actually only 5 Pandora on it but I am happy with it all the same!

  6. Oh, I love it...I really like the shiny aqua/green murano.....
  7. I'm here!!! yay new thread :smile:
    I'm still waiting for my evil eye...should go count how many days it has been. Probably not that long it just feels like it! Once I get it I can take pics of my bracelet because the middle section will be full! Though I am thinking of moving the beads equally around the three sections because I hate how the clasp always sits on top and my beads are forever on the bottom where no one can see them!
  8. Wish me luck, going to try and exchange survey bracelet today!!!!
  9. ^ good luck...I'm waiting to see if I will get the bracelet :| I'm in Canada but they sent me a survey in my email that day so we shall see if one arrives even though they said it was US only after the fact...

  10. :ghi5: Good Luck!!!
  11. Love it!!! :biggrin:

    You go girl! Tell us as soon as you get back!!!!! :smile:
  12. Love your avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  13. ^^^ hi
  14. hmm so I may be making excuses to buy new charms now LOL

    I heard back from the jewellery store I wanted to go to and they are not participating in the july promo but are participating in the september promo the 15-17 but you have to spend $175 to get a free bracelet and I won't be making the drive just for pandora so boo :sad:
    On the plus side I may finally be signing to a model and talent agency which makes me so excited...Hoping to maybe finally make the move to Toronto and do what I love to do now that I don't have any obligations here. What bead should I get to celebrate if I meet with them and am signed??
  15. Thanks! My aunt got me that one for Christmas last year :smile:

    Thanks Trish!

    14k star because you're a STAR!!! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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