Pandora bracelet sizing question

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I'm thinking about starting my first Pandora bracelet :smile:! However, I have no idea what size bracelet I should choose. I've read anywhere from adding an inch to inch-and-a-half. I defintely don't want it to be too big once it fills up. My wrist at the widest part measures 6".

  2. I find 1" is enough for me. I'd recommend going with the 7.1" for you.

  3. ^ Thank you so much for responding! Any idea how many beads I'll need to fill it?
  4. I have a 7.9 and a 7.5...

    The 7.9 has:
    2 locks
    3 murano glass
    13 random silver/gemstone beads
    4 spacers

    It could still fit two-three more but I like it to have a bit of bracelet showing. It really depends on how you want it to look/what kinds of beads you want to fill it with but hopefully that will give you an idea.

    You can go to and design a virtual bracelet for a better idea.
  5. Did your 7.9 bracelet stretched ? Is it tight or loose on your wrist ? What size is your wrist ?... Sorry for all the questions .. I am new to pandora and trying to figure out which size to pick... My wrist is 17 cm... Thanks in advance
  6. Normal size is 7"-8",you can have a try