Pandora Bracelet question...very upset.

  1. I purchased the Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet over a year ago and have been "building" it ever since. I noticed that my bracelet looked tarnished so I used a jewelry cloth to polish that is made for silver. It helped a little but now it has spread up the bracelet. I called Pandora and since it has been over a year they said they could redip it at my expense, WHAT? She said they have a tendency to do this due to your body chemistry. I have another silver bracelet that I NEVER take off and I have worn it for 2 years. It is fine - no tarnish or anything. My pandora looks like it has a brass or bronze look to it. I thought about replacing it but am scared the next one will do it as well.

    Does anyone own the leather version of this bracelet? Thought maybe that would be a better option. I could just go ahead and fill it up maybe it will not show as upset over this!

    Any suggestions???

  2. I don't have a leather version of the bracelet but I know leather charm bracelet wraps hold less charms than silver chains (7-10 total I believe). I didn't know Pandora could tarnish like that. Sorry to hear mickiechickie.

  3. Me either! I would have thought that they would have been better quality then that UNLESS it is my body chemistry.

    Thanks for your input!
  4. Sorry to hear of this.

    A tip for cleaning silver jewelry is this. Get a pan of hot water, crumple up some tin foil, put it in the pan of water & Add some baking powder.Hold the pandora bracelet by the bead end (don't want the oxidization of the Pandora logo to vanish).The powder with the tin foil reacts & fizzes & cleans the silver. Don't do this with any beads with pearls & stones or oxidization though! It won't do any harm so give it a go! :smile: My dad's skin turns silver black & i do this with his chains. Good luck!

  5. I tried this too. The only thing is I just dropped it in and some of the letters are now plain silver :sad: It didn't even occur to me that may happen. It is almost like the silver is gone...

    THX for your input!
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    It sounds like to me they didn't plate it very well in the first place.I would of thought it was sterling silver throughout, so i am wondering why they would need to redip it? It's not supposed to be silver plated! Write to their head office & see what they say.

    Rather than just using a cloth, have you thought about using some proper silver polish?
  7. Yes, your body chemistry could tarnish silver more quickly. It's possible. But all silver will tarnish over time unless it's plated with another metal. What they may have been offering is to rhodium plate the bracelet to avoid having tarnish show - not sure, but if it's solid silver, it shouldn't need to be "replated". Good luck with it!
  8. I think it's baking soda, not baking powder, isn't it? And if your bracelet is super tarnished you may need to repeat the process several times. Rinsing and brushing with a soft toothbrush after each time...
  9. I think it's just called powder here in the uk (i guess you can call it soda here too) soda is more of an American name for it. :smile:
  10. This is correct :biggrin:
    I may give this a try myself, mine has tarnished in places too.
  11. I bought a leather bracelet this week and it's recommended to only put a max of 6 charms on them.
  12. Remember not to put the clasp end in!
  13. I work for a Pandora retailer and every now and then I see this happen. Its true that the silver reacts to your skin chemistry and if you use lotions or perfumes it could tarnish quicker. The other thing is when you store it in the Pandora box, air may get in there and cause it to tarnish quicker. We give all our customers a small plastic bag to put the bracelet in before it goes into the box. If Pandora wont do anything, and you're options are limited, why not use a silver liquid cleaner? Just hold it by the bead clasp part and dip the rest of the bracelet in. Just make sure to take all the beads off.
    The Official Pandora company has a Facebook page and the lady that runs it, Charlotte is very useful in getting info and answering questions. If you are on Facebook, why don't you fan the page and put your question to her? She is very good at telling you what you can do or she may give you a contact to help with your problem. I hope this helps.
  14. This info would of been useful if my local pandora would of bothered to tell me! I didn't get a bag. I usually only get to wear my bracelet at weekends so I should keep it in a bag? Will polishing it with the cleaning cloth my store gave me every day do any harm?
  15. My Pandora never gives me a bag. They just give me a box. Is that Box Tarnish free? My Pandora girls said that it is. Also they said the JEWELRY BOX is tarnish free, but I noticed its not air tight after bringing it home. So the bags you said are Plastic Zip Lock Bags or thise soft jewelry pouches?
    Please answer. Hearing about Someones Pandora ruining is Heart breaking...:sad: