Pandora box--which color?

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  1. Good morning! (here on the US east coast;))

    I am finally ready to get the pandora box medium size, but am debating between black and grey.
    Here is an idea of how i dress:
    White T shirt, black skinny pants, lots of rings.
    ^^every. day. lol I dress pretty consistent.

    2 options:
  2. Hi Thornberre! You can't go wrong with both colors since they're both neutral, but if I had to choose one, I'd go for black.

    I think black highlights the Pandora Box's interesting, chic and minimalist shape. Black will also go with basically any outfit, and can be worn casually or dressy. Black will never go out of style and I do feel you won't get tired of it. Among all my bags, my black Pandora and black Obsedia get the most rotation since I can just wear it with anything. :smile:

    But either way, both are winners! The gray is beautiful, classy and neutral as well. But my vote goes for black. :smile: Hope that helps!
  3. I vote for black too.
  4. nice, I would go for black
  5. I will go for black! Reveal soon!
  6. So glad you chose black. I was just going to recommend it over the gray, although I agree with mmmilkman that you can't go wrong. I have the croc embossed black, and I love it. Can't wait for your reveal!
  7. I love black :smile:
  8. Black +1
  9. I would go for Black. Its cool and sexy! :woot:
  10. Black, it's versatile!
  11. grey, if you have other black bags.
  12. Black!
  13. If you already own a lot of Black Handbags, I would get the grey.