1. So do any of you feel angry/mad :cursing: when people ask you did u stick a panda sticker or what is that? on your Monogram Panda bags/wallets etc. lol..

    I have the panda pochette, and people always comment on it asking is it fake.... I sound like such a snob when i become all deffensive and be like its LIMITED EDITION and its not fake...and i do not waste time to stick stickers on both sides to get it perfect lol

    do people ask you guys that?
  2. Oh I would be furious too! If someone claims it´s fake, just answer calmly "Maybe you should do some research on Louis Vuitton´s limited editions until you go slander people you don´t know".
  3. Wow...I've only had people say "cute panda" about mine! They probably think it's fake...but I know it's real and I don't care!
  4. When people who don't know LV comment on the bags you wear, it's just :rolleyes:
    I agree with Nola. That would definitely get them to shut up.
  5. Lol... :lol: I never own any panda pieces so I have never encountered such situations. Never even thought that people would ask such thing. Hmm, I'll be getting a cerises speedy soon. Then people might think that I'm really so darn free with nothing to do but stick little cherries all over my bag! :roflmfao: Lol... :P
  6. hehe my roommate always has that problem!
    actually just yesterday when we were bored and decided to take everything out, my other roommate's friend came over and asked me if the panda was stickered onto the bag!
    what i don't understand is how it would stay on so well if it was stickered on?
    i don't think it looks like a sticker at all :shrugs:
  7. yes, sometimes people look at my panda and kinda squint their forehead, but they always compliment it! although i know sometimes they doubt if this line ever exist but i really don't care and don't say ajything unless they asked me
    when they asked, i always love to tell them that it's a LE for 150th LV annivessary. and i'm proud to have one of that :P
  8. Ah, the sticker question. I get it all the time. Not with the Pochette because I hardly use it, but with the Billfold. I am glad I am not the only one who hears that question. Hahahaha. Hilarious! : )
  9. haha! this is so funny! well....not the part where ppl think it's fake.... I LOVE the panda line, it's so cute!
  10. I love the panda line ...its so cute....people are just ignorant....ignore them....
  11. Oh...this is funny thread...

    I have my vernis lexington with panda cles as the extension one day and went to Panda express ( Asian fast food). The little girl commented on my panda, it's cute panda, did you get it here ?? LOL...that's my panda story..