Panda vachetta keyring

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  1. hi guys, if you are looking for the panda vachetta keyring, i know that a store in Australia has some (at least one0.. so maybe your local store can "ask around' or something so you dont have to buy one from eBay.. :yes: just thought i should pass on this info :love:
  2. how much do/did they retail for?
  3. Thanks for the info! someone should get it fast!:yes:
  4. i saw one the other day in crown. it's been on my mindever since, maybe i should go back tomorrow and check
  5. i rang today and i was told AU$225 but this may change with a price change tomorrow or something.. the lady wasnt sure if this will be one of the items that will be affected by the price increase... :yes:
  6. hi guys!! thank you so much!! I am glad found this newsgroup despite I am late to found out!! :yahoo:

    it's been long time I am waiting for that Panda keyring 'brand new' selling at eBay on reasonable price. To add collection my hairpin which I bought at eBay too. I love Panda cute things.:love:

    Since I found this article, straight way to go local boutique shop.

    I just wonder how come fashionpop know up to date this stuff?? I don't like to come the boutique every month to keep checking up cos I hate being embarrasment if walk out the boutique with empty hands :shame:
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