Panda series..question...

  1. Is it at all possible to get the panda cles and pochette from any LV boutique? or is ebay my only option at this point?
  2. there all sold out

    ebay is your only choice now i think!
  3. some have called the vuitton number and were able to locate a stray panda cles from a boutique. give that a try!
  4. Yeah I think the only thing you may be lucky enough to find may be a Cles, but there were a couple people on here who got them that way so they may be sold out now.
  5. I'm pretty sure you may find one calling the LV hotline
  6. I want one to they are so cute.
  7. I called last week looking for the cles and they were unable to locate one for me :sad: So I went through eBay.
  8. I got the last one that the Northbrook, IL, store had, and someone had mentioned that the Oakbrook, IL, store had one a couple of weeks ago. That's actually the store I thought I was calling, but I ended up with the Northbrook store. I think it's just going to be hit-or-miss if a particular boutique may still have one laying around.
  9. How much did you pay on ebay?
  10. The cles are still floating around in the stores, but the pochette is done. I got a pochette off of ebay. It was sent from Japan and in perfect condition. GOOD LVCK
  11. How much is/was it new from a LV store??

  12. Thanks guys!! I acutally just one one off ebay from a reputable ebayer!!!...I just wish I could get the pouchette for retail..guess that's impossible.
  13. the price of the panda cles in store is around $145 to $150
  14. in ebay it could cost $200, i got my panda organizer through ebay, she bought it from japan, and it comes with every thing, from the box to the booklet. and i think it's not hard to spot an authentic one, the fakes one are sooo bad.