Panda Question

  1. Hi LV experts. I'm still kinda new to LV, slowly gaining my knowledge, since you girls/guys seem to know everything about it, hope you can help me.

    Can anyone tell me when was the Panda Line introduced and how long was it around for? Was it a limited addition? I thought it was around the same time of the cherry blossoms...but I never saw the Panda Line on elux...I think it's so cute :love:.

  2. i think it came out after the murakami line....or was a limited line..
  3. CB - 2003, MC - 2003-2004, Panda - 2005
  4. Thanks!

    Do you guys own any of these pieces? I would LOVE to see some here! :heart:
  5. The Panda line was a limited addition that came out in 2004 for LV's 150th anniversary. Some pieces were sold in Japan only.
  6. I only have the pochette from that line (top right):
  7. Was it around the end of 2004? My book said 2004-2005.
  8. I only have the pochette as well.

  9. So cute Jenny. See ya tomorrow :graucho:
  10. I love that panda. So cute.
  11. i have a keychain/extender:
  12. The panda line was introduced later in 2005. It used to be limited edition for Japanese market only, but some pieces entered America at the end. The line is no longer produced. I used to own the pochette, billfold wallet, and vavin pm, but I've sold them all. I think I'm going to re-buy the vavin pm later, coz I miss it sooo much :sad:

    Here is a pic, of those items..
  13. The little tote is cute! is that the vavin pm? do you remember how much it retailed?
  14. A lot of my friends don't think that the panda is cute. They think it looks retarded LOL.

    Also a lot of older women don't like it cause it's immature.