Panda Pouchette

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  1. I have the opportunity to pick up a panda pouchette today,. I cant believe they are still around. I need some honest advice. I am not sure if I should purchase it. I have the traditional lv pouchette and use it only when I go out a nightl, not that often. I am not sure if the panda looks to "young" if you know what I mean. What do you all REALLY think about the panda bag. Should I get it or just pass it buy. I have not seen it in person and it would need to be shipped to me. I would appreciate any help!!!!
  2. I have one and love it! I don't use it a whole lot....but when I do, I always get compliments about how cute it is (I'm 29 BTW). Another reason for buying it, is that it is a limited edition if you really decide later on that you don't want it you can always resell it!
  3. If you like cute and limited edition LV items. Frankly, I have never seen anyone using a Panda bag/wallet before outside. Get it!! It looks fun not young.
  4. Does anyone have a picture they could share???
  5. To be really honest: i never liked the panda... :shrugs:
    But if you like it you should buy it because you won't be able to later
  6. if you like it go for it and like it was said before if you decide that you dont really like it all that much well you can always resell it its limited edition :smile:
  7. Get it if you love it! :yes:
  8. I'd get it!! Its limited edition! Wish I got it when it was on elux!!
  9. I ADORE mine, and I'm not young. Also, a male friend whose seen a lot of my LV's says it's his favorite one whenever I wear it and use it with the agenda... let's see if I have a pic...
    Panda Pochette.jpg Twin Pochettes.jpg
  10. i love it!!!
    i only have one panda, an organizer, and people complimented on that the most! it's def. a keeper
  11. Very nice Veronika! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Ooh, I wouldn't pass it up. It's too cute, no matter what your age is.
  13. OMG. After I read this I called LV and they have 7 pouchettes available at my local LV!?! WTF! I asked them about it and they said they received the shipments from other countries.

    I say buy it. I went ahead and did!
  14. LOL. You go Crystal!! :wlae: This makes me wonder if they have anymore leftover Cerises Cles in stock...
  15. I would get it! I love mine.