panda pochette

  1. hi guys, i know that i've posted somewhere about taking care my panda pochette, but i couldnt remember where it was, or what you said.. so here is the question again, how do i care for my panda pochette so that the panda doesnt peel, or goes yellow or turn yuck... help! :sweatdrop:
  2. Hi there,
    I have a panda pochette as well (isn't that panda butt too cute for words). I would just make sure that when you are storing it, it's always in a dustbag. When wearing it try not to rub it up against anything rough (like a concrete wall or something!). When putting it down I always try to make sure I don't lay it flat...or put it near anything hot!
    Otherwise you should be OK!
  3. My friend has a Panda pochette and she uses it ALL the time, and the colors have started to rub off, but no that badly. I think its really hard to avoid the colors rubbing off, so you should just use it as often as you want, and realize the colors will eventually start to fade/rub off. It still is an awesome bag, enjoy it!
  4. thanks guys, i think that it'll be sad for me if it does start to rub off.. i think maybe i should just wear it on special occassions or osmething.. =)