panda pochette

  1. okie.. i've just bought a panda pochette off ebay, and i was just wondering if you guys know how i should go about authenticating it? i'm in Australia, and if the panda werent even available here, how is the LV SA can authenticate it? does the actual pochette itself the same as the regular mono pochette? and also, i've heard that the picture might peel, is there anything that i can do to prevent that from happening other than not carrying it at all? many many thanks, sorry about the so many questions.. :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!! How about post a link of the auction in "authenticate this " sticky so we can have a look:yes: . You can always take pictures of the Pochette when you receive it. It's pretty much the same as the regular Pochette ie/ heatstamp,hardware.

    As for the Panda rubbing off i've no solution...sorry.:Push:
  3. hi Lee, are you always online? :smile: anyways, its the same one that i posted in that thread and you said that it was authentic.. :smile: i'm so excited, i feel so naughty because i didnt tell my bf :smile:
  4. I know:shame: I'm here almost 24/7 :lol:. Don't worry, it's definitely real:yes:
  5. Congrats! I haven't really seen any panda pieces that were fake and could fool experts...some may exist but I haven't seen them.
    Lol..maybe you can just randomly carry it one day and say you've had it for awhile lol :graucho:
    My mom tries to pull that on me all the time. ;)
  6. There are a couple fake pandas floating around...most of them don't get the color combo right on the actual panda.
    As for the peeling of the is just like the multicolore, cerises, cherry blossom, etc. Just be careful when carrying it...try not to rub it against anything...I don't let mine lay on the side, so the panda is never touching anything.
  7. awww you lucky girl...I love panda butt! And you get the booklet and everything (mine didn't have the booklet when I bought it off a friend).
  8. thanks Twiggers... :smile: i'm so happy!

    anyways, how can i carry it without it rubbing against anything? when i have it by my shoulder wouldn't it rub against my top? :sad:
  9. Twiggers, do you wear yours over the shouldeR? because wouldnt it rub if you do? i'm thinking of getting a d-ring extension for it...

    i'm sooo excited! :smile:
  10. I love the Panda line!! I wish I had gotten one! I did get the Cerises Speedy though-- anything by Murakami is pure fun!