Panda pochette

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  1. I have my panda pochette listed on eBay. Does anyone have a tips that might help it sell, it's brand new and has never been used? Here is the auction number 6879119897. TIA
  2. I was going to suggest plenty of clear pics, but looks like you already got that covered :smile:
  3. What an adorable pochette. Good luck with your auction :yes:
  4. One of my fave Murakami lines! So pretty!
  5. Maybe hide the price that you paid. Most people won't buy if they KNOW that they're paying more than what you paid for. Just tell them that you're going to include the reciept.

    Even though it's rare, I'd probably let the hype calm down and then buy. Cause now the CBs pochettes run for like <$400 now.
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