Panda Pochette Owners -- Does Your Hardware Match?

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  1. I just purchased a panda pochette and it arrived yesterday. I got it from a seller on eBay and authenticated here on TPF. Looks real to me. I did notice that the zipper and zipper pull is a different shade of gold when compared to the strap clip and D rings where the strap attaches to.

    Can other panda pochette owners check their bags for me and let me know if yours is the same? Unfortunately my camera is out of commission right at this moment...will work on that now.

  2. Bump!
  3. My hardware matches..
  4. it should match (sorry, can't be bothered digging for my panda pochette)

    Although, it could be just tarnishing... have you tried using brasso or something similar to polish it?
  5. ^^ ITA - maybe it's tarnishing. Have you thought about the possibility, too, that maybe they had the zipper pull replaced at LV? I know LV should have that stuff on hand, but maybe at the time the repair supplies were just a little off? Maybe you should take it to the nearest boutique just to make sure.
  6. My epi pochette hardware doesn't match and I bought in from the LV boutique in Vienna so definitely auth. The zipper is of a paler gold in comparison to the D-ring which is more on the orangy gold side. the zipper itself is a different story from both of those golds lol. I guess there's not gold coat on the zipper itself, so pure brass color. the D-ring and the snap thing and the part where the strap is attached are from the same hw though, smooth deep golden color. the zipper has a bumpy texture
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. The panda pochette I got looks basically new and never carried besides the differences in the hardware. I haven't tried to clean with any brass cleaner though so see if it's tarnish.

    I think mine is similar to your sw0pp. The d-rings and snap buckle are the same color. They don't match the zipper or zipper pull though. LOL

    Anyhow, I still need to take some pictures to you show you all what I mean. I will also take it into a boutique the next time I go to see if anything can be done.

    Can anyone else check their panda pochettes for me?

  8. I think you purchased my pouchette I had on e-bay. My ID is journalismstar. If so, I never had the zipper pull replaced. It came from the boutique that way and was never touched. Basically sat in the closet until it was purchased from e-bay. So it's possible it was tarnishing but it didn't appear that way to me. If not, on the pouchette I sold, it was different shades of gold. A few my bags are that way though and ALL were purchased from the boutique or elux. And if you did purchase mine I GUARANTEE that it's real! LOL
  9. Mine match but don't worry, it's normal. I think my Graffiti pochette's hardware is a slightly different color though.