panda pochette or sophie?


panda pochette or sophie - if you could only get one which one would you get?

  1. panda pochette

  2. sophie

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  1. if you could only get one, which one would you get?
  2. panda
  3. sohpie :heart:
  4. Sophie!
  5. sophie.!
  6. sophie!
  7. Sophie!!!
  8. *Sophie*

    Versatility, elegant, & timeless!
  9. I would get the panda.
  10. PANDA lol
  11. Sophie! I would be afraid that the Panda silkscreen would rub off....
  12. Sophie! I'm not too fond of the regular pochette even if there's a panda on it.
  13. sophie. the panda is cute, but it's not as versatile, in my opinion. (a little too childish or too fun or certain situations) where as the sophie is high class, sophisticated, fun, RARE and just so cute!
    go with a panda cles (around $150), then go get yourself a sophie! best of both worlds!