Panda Pochette and Cles at Valley Fair

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  1. It is not too late for anyone interested.

    There were so many people in the mall. Nobody works this week?:shame: :crybaby:
  2. much was the pochette?
  3. Did not ask. I remember it was about $395 or so.
  4. Yep it retails at $395 with tax it'l be around 430 ish or so. :wlae:
  5. oooo~ nice
    no pouchettes left in NZ, only cles~
  6. Thanks for the heads up, ladyhz!:heart:
  7. how much is the cles?
  8. I miss Valley Fair. = (
  9. Probably around $180 by now. When I got mine when it came out, it was about $150.

    Also, the Fashion Valley store still has the pochette..I saw it yesterday.
  10. go for both!! they are so cute :smile:
  11. So cute and fun, I got a panda pouchette at Valley Fair the night of the cocktail party :smile:

    Still wrapped up! But he's calling to me ;)
  12. dang! i really want one, but there is none in Canada! boo!
  13. Hmm....I'm a' gettin' some ideas :angel: