Panda Pochette Accessories


Feb 22, 2006
Is there anywhere to find one of these? I think they are the cutest. I would assume probably only ebay, but does anyone know of a seller that is selling one? Figured I'd ask :love:

Thanks girls!
wow I love it but that's so much did these retail new? I know it's a collector's edition now but I can't justify spending that much $ on it. Darn! I so want one of these.

Thanks Irene!
they were $395 new I believe. I also believe they were only sold in Japan but you could order them in the US. I might be wrong on that though.
I called Toronto store and they had one (the SA said they got two Panda pochettes in by accident), so I ended up exchanging my Cerises for Panda!
I just bought a cerises Speedy 25 so my next acquisition will be the panda pochette. I can see paying maybe in the $4s for it but not $600 :sad: I'll have to keep hunting ebay!

Irene, you had the cerises pochette then? On 2nd thought the cherry blossom pochette is *really* cute too. Maybe I could get one of those instead.
Yes, I got Cerises pochette and Cerises Speedy at the same time. I figured I'll exchange the pochette for something defferent. So I ended up getting the Panada one. I LOVE my Cherry Blossom pochette as well. I use it ALL the time in the summer!!!
Now you have me wanting the CB one instead lol. The panda is super cute because you could wear it backwards and have it look like a plain pochette or turn it out to see the panda. I kinda like that option.
Note that I dunno if these pictures are authentic or not. I pulled them quick and it gives you an idea: